Jalen Spicer

Jalen Spicer C/O 2017 Team CP3, Point Guard– Jalen is one or the more underrated guards in the state for the class of 2017, although he is not the tallest player on the floor by any means, he clearly knows how to play the game at a very high level and how the Point Guard Position is supposed to be ran. Unlike many young players that look to score more than pass, Jalen is a pass first PG that looks to get his teammates involved before he begins to score on his own. He has very good ballhandling skills and kept his defenders off balance and guessing throughout the entire event, combine this with his solid frame and good speed and you have the type of PG that can play an uptempo pace or slow it down and be productive in a half court setting. It’s easy to see how Jalen can get sometimes overlooked because of how many things that he does for his squad that will go unnoticed to the untrained eye. He communicates well with teammates and coaches on both ends of the floor and is what we like to call a ‘‘ floor general’’, when things are not going right he doesn’t try to take over on his own but instead looks to make the correct plays at the correct times. Its pretty evident when watching Jalen play that he is a team first guy and that it’s not about personal accolades for him, hes all about playing the right way and getting the win. The question that I always have with smaller guards is if they can knock down shots consistently, throughout the event he shot the ball well and showed good form and elevation on his shot. Defensively he is constantly applying pressure, beating his man to spots, playing passing lanes and disrupting the offense in numerous ways. Recently he received his first scholarship offer from FIU and took an unofficial visit to UNC-G, don’t be surprised to see more offers come in July and in the fall for Jalen.

Michael Hueitt Jr C/O 2017, Team CP3, Shooting Guard– It is well known that Michael is one the best shooters in the State without a doubt, so to see him knock down four or five treys in a game was no surprise at all. Instead I was more impressed with how well he rebounded the ball and defended throughout the event, he has a very long wing span combined with nice athleticism which allows him to pull down rebounds on both end of the floor. It seemed as if he was definitely making an effort to impact the game by rebounding the ball just as much as he impacted the game by scoring. Defensively I was impressed with his effort that he brought, he showed that he is clearly stronger than he may appear to be, his opponents attempted to post him up numerous times but were unsuccessful in scoring after posting up. Michael’s overall game is continuing to progress and it will be very interesting to see him throughout the remainder of the summer and into next season at High Point Christian

Mikey Dixon Class of 2016, Diamond State Titans, Combo Guard- Mikey is one those players that you already know is going to drop 30 points before the game even starts, he is a natural scorer that has a very high amount of moves in his arsenal. Unlike some players that use the wrong move at the wrong time, Mikey know when to use which move so that he can put himself in a great position to score. It doesn’t matter if he’s hitting a defender with a quick crossover, splitting a trap or using a timely euro step, he uses the right move at the right time and makes the game look easy. There are certain player that almost seem like they were born to score the ball and Mikey is one of them, not only does he get to the basket with ease but he also knows how to get separation from his defender on the perimeter so that he can get his shot off easily. Mikey was clearly one of the best natural scorer’s at the event and turned a lot of heads, watch out for him in July , as we are definitely expecting to see more colleges to come aboard for this young man.

Lavar Batts, Class of 2017, Team CP3, Point Guard – Lavar is a Point Guard that likes to play the game at an uptempo pace, he has good speed and quickness as well as a long wingspan that allows him to push the ball ahead quickly. Once he gets in the paint he finishes very well above and below the rim and is what we would call a craft finisher, although his frame is slender and is still developing he embraces contact well. One of the attributes that stuck out to me about Lavar in this event is how well he reads the defense and makes the correct plays at the correct time. Even though he is a solid finisher, he doesn’t not allow that to give him what I like to call ‘‘ tunnel vision’’ where he loses sight of teammates that are open in the corners. If the defense collapses then he makes the right decision to kick it out or drop a pass off to a big in the post, on the defensive end he was very solid, using his wing span and speed to play the passing lanes and come up with steals

J.P Moorman, C/O 2017, Team CP3, Forward – J.P is a prospect that is starting to see his stock rise, he’s played against some of the top Power Forwards in the country throughout his H.S season which has been a great experience for him to test his talent level. One attribute that I love about his game is his attitude, this young man does not back down from any challenge at all and is not afraid to bang inside with players that are much taller than he is. During this event he displayed his perimeter skills by knocking down some outside shots and beating his man off the dribble to finish at and above the rim. On the defensive end he displayed a nice IQ, providing help when needed and protecting the paint, it was also impressive to see him find a man to box out every time the shot went up and even taking a charge with the opportunity presented itself.