Raheem Nixon 2016

Name: Raheem Nixon
Class: Senior “2016”
Height/Weight: 5’9” 160
High School: Northeastern High School (Elizabeth City, NC)
Position: Point Guard/Shooting Guard
AAU Team: Elizabeth City Blazers
Video Link: https://youtu.be/HL7H0XGpR98
Projected Level of Play: D3/NAIA
Raheem Nixon

Sharpshooter! Raheem Nixon is a very quick sharpshooting senior guard that has accounted for nearly 1/3 of Northeastern High School’s made 3 pointers. He plays both some point guard and shooting guard for a very deep Northeastern High School basketball team. He currently is their 2nd leading scorer and overall leader in 3’s made, 3 point percentage and also 2nd in steals. While he’s basically been a virtual unknown, smaller schools (D3/NAIA/JC) in need of a player who can immediately bolster their team shooting should definitely watch his video below and be on the lookout for him in the state playoffs, as his team currently sits at 21-2, poised to make a deep playoff run. He has plenty of potential to go along with his current game and shooting ability.


Attacking – Raheem shows an uncanny ability to get in the paint and finish amongst the trees as well as in transition. He makes some very tough shots inside, even when taking plenty of contact on his way to the basket. In transition he’s very tough to contain as he has really sound body control and a soft touch at the basket, even at high speeds. Adjusts very well in the air for acrobatic finishes.

Shooting – He’s one of the more underrated shooters in the Eastern NC region. He’s had multiple games where he’s knocked down at least 4 triples. Once he gets it going, teams can’t afford to lose track of him. He can get on a roll knocking down barrages of 3 pointers and mid-range shots in succession in no time. His release is also very quick and consistent. He follows through well and doesn’t change his shot regardless of how defenses react to him, leading at times to him making trips to the line for 3.

High Motor – Never really stops moving. Very active on defense and understands spacing on offense. In transition he fills lanes really well and sprints to his spots. His movement combined with his shooting ability puts a lot of pressure on team defenses and causes a lot of havoc. He does a good job closing out on shooters and has quick hands on defense and jumps passing lanes well.

Areas for Improvement:

On Ball Defense – He works really hard on defense, but can get overzealous in man to man. This enables quicker guards to beat him off the dribble and it can sometimes leads to foul trouble. If he stays aggressive, puts in the work in the off-season working on his core and improves his lateral movement, he could become a real pest defensively at the next level.

Size For Position – He’s more of a combo guard than a point guard and at 5’9” he must work harder than his peers to maintain. He is very quick, fast and handles the ball well enough to get by at the high school level. His shooting ability also helps him get by right now as well, but at the next level he’ll have to improve on his off hand and put in countless hours in the weight-room to fully adjust to the physicality and daily grind of NCAA/NAIA level basketball.

Video Credits: MrStdaghost (YouTube)