By: James Blackburn

Cameron Moore UAB basketball
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Game Scouted: UAB @ Southern Miss
Box Score

Southern Miss wins 59-55

Cameron Moore (F, 6’10”, SR)

6-11 FG, 13 TP, 1 block, 8 rebounds

Does not shoot a lot of threes- but hit a 3 on a baseline OB early in first that did not look bad at all-only perimeter shot taken this game. Strong upper body/physical. Good base/center of gravity. Athletic- not an incredible high flyer- but above average athlete for size. Good athletic shot blocker- especially from weak side (averages 3 blocks a game). Gets deep/solid post position- stays bodied up with his defender-Southern Miss was forced to front him. Pretty good rebounder- but there were several boards in the game that he should have had- good rebounder none the less- better defensive rebounder then on offensive end. Effective hook shot over left shoulder. Good screener-head hunts- gets his shooters open by setting hard, wide screens off the ball. Not a great passer- but did have a big assist out of double team for lay up with about 5 minutes to go with a close score. Really wants ball in post.

Missed a breakaway dunk early in the first half- tried to go for the reverse highlight dunk instead of just finishing. Not a good passer out of post- doesn’t kick out of double team, or triple teams. Tends to lose track of his man at times on defensive end. Must improve P/R defense and the ability to show and slow PG down turning the corner and then was slow getting back to man- half the time he half-heartedly shows-not enough to really slow the PG down and the other half he just hangs back. Needs to improve finishing ability- with his length and strength- shooting only 49% from field for season. More of a highlight reel shot blocker then a interior defensive presence- Southern Miss was getting a lot of paint shots and buckets with Moore in the game and Moore did not seem to alter very many at all- caught him with his hands by his side way too much- needs to be more active on the defensive end this game. Must improve FT shooting. Must improve hands.

Came to UAB originally as walk on. Has improved dramatically every year- testament to his work ethic. Conference USA Preseason Player of Year. Playing in the wake of his Grandmother’s death earlier in the week. Good rebounder- boxes out and is athletic- but he doesn’t have great hands- has hard hands- several times this game he should of pulled down a board and ball just bounces off- ball just went right through his hands on several other occasions. Once he does get the ball- he secures it and keeps it. Came into today’s game averaging a team high 36 mpg, 15.5 ppg, and 10 rpg. Also leads team with 46 blocks for the year. Must improve on the defensive end of the floor- granted Moore has a good reputation on the defensive side of the floor- but did not display much this game. This was the first time I have seen him play this season. Moore is definitely a pro- not necessarily in the NBA- but I wouldn’t rule that out. Would be an excellent candidate for D-League. A player with his size, athleticism, strength, and an above average back to the basket offensive game will have his fair shot to make an NBA roster. In my opinion he will definitely get multiple invites for individual workouts with teams, and I think he deserves and will probably make an NBA summer league roster. From there it will depend on his performances but I would not be surprised if he makes a final roster as an undrafted FA. I can see him playing the PF or even a somewhat undersized Center at next level- as a 3rd post option off the bench. NBA ready size/strength/body. Showed the ability to play some perimeter defense this game- will have to continue to work on shooting consistency- especially from FT line. Much more effective on the interior on both ends of the floor then on perimeter.