1. Have you been offered by any schools, or are you talking with any schools?

I havent recieved any offers yet, VCU is recruiting me. I have talked to UNCW and also VCU.

2. What do you think are the strongest parts of your game right now?

I think the strongest part of my game is my offense. I’ve developed a left handed hook. That really helps my offense a lot.

3. What areas of your game are you working on, or want to work on?

Weakest part of my game would be talking on defense and not getting around my defenders.

4. Do you have a player (at any level, college or pro) that you admire?

I admire Austin Rivers.

5. A lot of sites have you listed at 6’8″, some even at 6’9″ but you recently said you were 6’6″, and you are listed on several recruiting sites as a center. So here’s your chance to set the record straight. What’s your height and what position do you see yourself playing in the future?

I am 6’6″ but I play like a 7 footer. And I see myself as a starting Center.

6. Do you have any visits planned, or have you already taken any?

I plan to visit VCU and NC State during the summer.

7. If you could tell people one thing about you that you wish they knew, what would it be?

That basketball is my life. Besides God And my family, that’s the only reason I put effort in keeping good grades and a healthy body.