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We’re happy to announce that our guest speaker at this year’s Southeast Summer Showcase is Tim Ryerson of Student Athlete World. Tim brings his years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the recruiting process to help parents navigate the entire process. Tim’s presentation about the realities of recruiting were one of the highlights of last year’s showcase.

It’s important for players and parents to get information that cuts through the hype and noise of today’s recruiting process, especially in an era where top players are shown in prime time all-star games on ESPN while most players toil in complete obscurity. Tim and his staff are able to share a view of the recruiting landscape that is invaluable, and they’ve worked with hundreds of players to find them a place playing at the next level. This falls right into our philosophy for the showcase, which is finding players for every level of college basketball.

For more information on Tim and Student Athlete World, we recommend visiting their website here.

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