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By Marcus Shockley

Tyler Lewis has become known for scoring, especially after he broke Chris Paul’s scoring record in this year’s Frank Spencer Holiday Classic. We caught up with Tyler, who is bound for NC State to play for the Wolfpack, and got his thoughts for this edition of 7 Questions.

1. What are some the reasons you decided on NC State?

I decided to play basketball at NCSU because I absolutely feel like it is the best program where my game will excel. I have fallen in love with the environment and the college. It also has a great basketball tradition and hopefully I will be able to get it back where it once was.

2. You have established a reputation as a scorer as well as a passer who has a flair for stylish passes. What’s your approach to a game, do you actively look for your own shot or do you consider yourself a distributor first?

As a PG you always have to look to distribute the basketball first and then look to score. I love making the highlight passes but I also know when to make the easy and simple pass. Even though I am usually a pass first point guard, I have to do what’s best for my team to excel. For example, in high school I average 27 ppg and 7 apg but I knew I had to score for my team to win. In AAU ball I am surrounded with much better athletes and I usually excel in the open court with my passing abilities.

3. Do you have a player (at any level) that you admire?

I absolutly love Chris Paul and Kemba Walker. I admire Chris Paul and Kemba Walker because they are such good leaders on and off the court. Kemba Walker is a winner. You can tell he hates losing becuase every time he is on the court he plays like it’s his last game. Chris and Kemba have the abilities to not only create shots for themselves but also create shots for others. Since I basically grew up in the same hometown as CP3 I look up to him in many ways. I had the ability to play with Chris in a pro-am league in Winston-Salem and had the ability to go to his backcourt camp 2 years ago and going again this summer. At our Christmas tournament this year I broke chris paul’s scoring record with 104 points in 3 games. It was a big honor for me because I have broken a record set my the best pg in the NBA. Also, I look up to players like Steve Nash because he as an unbelievable basketball IQ and even though he is not the fastest he is the smartest player in the game.

4. What part of your game are you currently working on?

I am currently working on gettting bigger. I am trying to get up to 170 before the high school season. Right now i am currently 162. I am also trying to get quicker laterly so I have the ability to stay in front of quicker guards and be a lock down defender.

5. What part of your game do you feel is the strongest right now?

I feel like my basketball IQ and my passing ability is the strongest point of my game right now. Also, my transition game is very good because I love to get the ball out and going. I love to play fast but at the same time make smart decisions with the basketball.

6. With your commitment decided, how does the Spring and Summer look for you? Will you continue to play the same circuit/games as you have in past years, or take a different approach?

Being committed to the Pack, I will still play on the circuit for Team Loaded again this summer. I want take a different approach to the summer because I hate losing and I want to win every game and have the best team in the country. Also, with the new coach at state I will try to impress him so I will try to show out this summer.

7. If you could tell people one thing about you that you wish they knew, what would it be?

I am a kid who loves the game of basketball and strives to be the best player I can be. I am very humble and I come from the best family. I have the best supporters and fan anybody could ask for. I love Wolfpack nation with a passion. I am a strong believer in CHRIST. If it was not for him, none of this would be happening for me, I am very thankful. God bless.

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