NBA 2k11 PC Review

At one time, EA Sports’ franchise basketball title NBA Live ruled the simulated gaming world, but the recent surge by 2k has put their game at the top of the heap. But you don’t have to pick one or the other if you’ve got a GameFly account, you can just pick both and see which one you like better.

Of course, it’s always considered a banner edition of any game when Michael Jordan, who guards his image relentlessly, appears in game play. Some people say it’s a fitting match for His Airness, arguably the greatest player of all time, to appear in what could be the greatest basketball game of all time. If you’re unsure which games you want to get immersed in, you may want to check out the ones in this Farmingless article.

But, hyperbole aside, the game still shows the polish and slick finish that allowed 2k to overtake one of EA’s top games. If you want your game to be more exciting, you can try downloading scripts from sites like RBX Paste.

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Even though the controls are better, and some of the bugs from last year’s edition have been ironed out, the most impressive features of 2k11 are actually the incredible amount of work put into recreating Jordan’s game and abilities, and the improvement of the simulated GM. It also has the best warzone hack which can easily the best general management sim of any game I’ve played, I can’t help but wonder if several NBA teams with lousy GM’s couldn’t get better results from using replacing their management with this game. I’m only partially kidding.

If you love basketball and haven’t tried this game, you should get a GameFly account just to check it out.

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