Game Scouted: Wisconsin vs Prairie View A&M

Wisconsin wins 95-50

Vitto Brown, F, 6’8”, 235 lbs, SR


23 min, 2-6 FG, 1-5 3 pt, 3 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 block, 6 TP


Good build with excellent wingspan/good size for position. Unselfish player who is willing to give up an OK shot to give a teammate a great shot. Willing to make the extra pass on the perimeter. Crafty passer and underrated passer who really understands passing angles. Only dribbles to set up a shot for himself or a better passing angle. Knows how to feed the post.

Above average 3 pt shooter who can stretch the floor. Struggled shooting the ball today but he shoots a straight ball and his misses were off the back of the rim.

Looks comfortable on the perimeter on both ends.  Great hands.

Showed he could score inside w/ back to the basket when went down there and posted p smaller defenders.

High IQ player who sees the 2nd line of defense and plays before they happen.

Smart defensive player and solid overall on this end. Gets down into defensive stance, understands rotations, and help side defense. Keeps the ball in front of him and contests shots with his length.

Ultimate team player who others love to play with.


While Brown is a good shooter, his shot is a little slow and he struggled to hit shots that were contested this game. Needs to continue to improve ball handling- showed he could put it on the floor for 1 or 2 dribbles in a straight line but I didn’t see him change directions with the ball.

Lacks athleticism and explosion.

I love his unselfishness but I would also like to see him be more aggressive.

Would like to see him be a better rebounder on both ends outside his area.


Not Vitto’s best day in the box score but you can tell how solid of an overall basketball player he is. Coming in I knew he was a good shooter, but I was pleasantly surprised with how good of a passer and defender he is. Has a pro career for sure and has some skills that are attractive to NBA teams. Will certainly be a PIT invite and will be in NBA Summer League. From there it depends if he can hit the NBA 3 with consistency. If the NBA doesnt work out, then he can be a high level European pro.