Announcing the NetCast Sports Network

You’ve probably seen some of our tweets about this, but here’s the official announcement: Basketball Elite is partnering with Augusta Basketball Report to bring you the NetCast Sports Network, which will feature high school and AAU games, broadcast online in HD, in the coming year. After a summer of coverage on the AAU circuit, we’re ready to bring some of the best action that high school basketball has to offer.

In fact, there’s no wait – you can already check out the AAU broadcasts from last summer, like this great matchup between the Oakland Soldiers and the CP3 All-Stars from the EYBL, or this fantastic matchup between Andrew Wiggins and Julius Randle as the Texas Titans take on CIA Bounce.

Andrew Wiggins
Andrew Wiggins of CIA Bounce

We’ll be announcing more about which games are on the schedule for this high school season soon – but rest assured there will be some great match ups to watch. Already confirmed are games featuring national powerhouse Oak Hill, Olympic HS, Davie HS and many more – but if you are looking for us to consider adding your high school to the broadcast list, send us your schedule and we will take a look!

NetCast Sports Network NCSN logo

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