Garner Road Super Regional Schedule

Fri Court #1
Court #2
Court #3
6:30 PM 11th GRBC vs WCBA – Blue
11th Bull City Select vs WCBA – Hamrick White

7:45 PM 5th GRBC – Elliott vs GRBC – Hukins
10th GRBC vs WCBA – Hamrick
7th GRBC – Abdullah vs Durham Hurricanes
9:00 PM 9th GRBC – West vs Durham Hurricanes
9th GRBC – Faison vs WCBA Blue
8th GRBC – Thompson vs Royal Knights
Sat Court #1
Court #2
Court #3
8:30 AM 8th GRBC – Reed vs NC Flight
8th Durham Hurricanes vs Squires Richmond
6th GRBC – Debnam vs Carolina CrossOvers
9:45 AM 9th WCBA Blue vs GRBC – West
9th Durham Hurricanes vs GRBC – Faison
6th GRBC – Perkins vs Team DMV
11:00 AM 8th GRBC – Thompson vs WCBA – Blue
8th Royal Knights vs DWBA
7th Durham Hurricanes vs U-turn Elite
12:15 PM 9th GRBC – West vs NC Blazers
9th Durham Hurricanes vs WCBA Blue
7th GRBC – Parrish vs Team Felton
1:30 PM 8th Squires Richmond vs GRBC – Reed
8th WCBA – Blue vs DWBA
6th GRBC – Debnam vs Team DMV
2:45 PM 11th Cape Fear Elite vs GRBC
11th NC Blazers vs Bull City Select
6th Carolina CrossOvers vs GRBC – Perkins
4:00 PM 9th GRBC – Faison vs GRBC – West
8th NC Flight vs Durham Hurricanes
7th U-turn Elite vs GRBC – Abdullah
5:15 PM 8th DWBA vs GRBC – Thompson
8th Royal Knights vs WCBA – Blue
7th Team Felton vs Team Carolina
6:30 PM 9th NC Blazers vs GRBC – Faison
11th WCBA – Blue vs Cape Fear Elite
11th WCBA – Hamrick White vs NC Blazers
7:45 PM 7th 2A vs 3B
7th 2B vs 3A
8th NC Flight vs Squires Richmond
9:00 PM 11th 2A vs 3B
11th 2B vs 3A

Sun Court #1
Court #2
Court #3
8:30 AM 10th 2A vs 3B
10th 2B vs 3A
8th 2A vs 3B
9:45 PM 6th 2nd vs 3rd
9th NC Blazers vs WCBA Blue
4th 2nd vs 3rd
11:00 AM 10th 1A vs 2B/3A Winner
10th 1B vs 2A/3B Winner
7th 1B vs 2A/3B Winner
12:15 AM 11th 1A vs 2B/3A Winner
11th 1B vs 2A/3B Winner
8th 1A vs 2B/3A Winner
1:30 PM 6th 1st vs 2/3 Winner
9th Durham Hurricanes vs NC Blazers
4th 1st vs 2/3 Winner
2:45 AM 10th Championship
11th Championship
7th Championship
4:00 PM

8th Championship

Fri Court #4
Court #5
Gym Site Information
6:30 PM 4th GRBC vs WCBA

7:45 PM 6th GRBC – Perkins vs GRBC – Debnam

#1 J.D. Lewis Center

9:00 PM 7th Team Carolina vs GRBC – Parrish

2245 Garner Road Raleigh NC 27610

Sat Court #4
Court #5

8:00 AM 5th Carolina Bulls vs GRBC – Elliott
10th Fay. Stars vs Cape Fear Elite
#2 J.D. Lewis Center

9:10 AM 5th GRBC – Hukins vs U-Turn Elite
10th NC Spurs vs Carolina Heat
2245 Garner Road Raleigh NC 27610

10:20 AM 4th Ral. Rockets vs GRBC
10th F.I.N.A.O Trojans vs GRBC

11:30 AM 4th WCBA vs U-Turn Elite
10th Fay. Stars vs NC Spurs
#3 Garner Road Community Center

12:40 PM 5th U-Turn Elite vs GRBC – Elliott
10th Carolina Heat vs Cape Fear Elite
2235 Garner Road Raleigh NC 27610

1:50 PM 5th GRBC – Hukins vs Carolina Bulls
10th WCBA – Hamrick vs F.I.N.A.O Trojans

3:00 PM 4th U-Turn Elite vs GRBC
10th Carolina Heat vs Fay. Stars
#4 Fletcher Academy

4:10 PM 4th WCBA vs Ral. Rockets
10th Cape Fear Elite vs NC Spurs
400 Cedarview Court Raleigh NC 27609

5:20 PM 5th Carolina Bulls vs U-Turn Elite
6th Team DMV vs Carolina CrossOvers

6:30 PM 4th Ral. Rockets vs U-Turn Elite
8th Durham Hurricanes vs GRBC – Reed
#5 Word of God Academy

7:40 PM

3000 Rock Quarry Road Raleigh NC 27610

Sun Court #4
Court #5

8:30 AM 8th 2B vs 3A

9:45 PM 5th 2nd vs 3rd

11:00 AM 7th 1A vs 2B/3A Winner

12:15 AM 8th 1B vs 2A/3B Winner

1:30 PM 5th 1st vs 2/3 Winner

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