Basketball News Roundup, July 8, 2013

Rasheed Wallace Assistant Coach

Rasheed Wallace was once famous for catching alley-oops at UNC and then became (in)famous for being a player either loved or hated while collecting technical fouls like it was a hobby during a lengthy NBA career.

Now Wallace will join the Detroit Pistons as an assistant coach, which might be a good move considering that much like Jason Kidd, Wallace has always been a leader on the teams he’s played for. However, unlike Kidd, he’ll have time to learn the coaching side of things without having to be the main guy on the sidelines just yet.


Dwight Howard has left Los Angeles, looking to find a better fit or just a different fit with the Houston Rockets, but Chris Kaman is returning to L.A., this time as a Laker. Kaman spent several seasons with the Clippers, before Lob City, but has returned to play for the purple and gold with a one year contract.

It was Kaman’s departure that actually cleared the way for the Clippers to create their ‘Lob City’ style, as he was part of the trade that brought Chris Paul to the franchise.


Cleveland fans have a long history of being treated poorly by their sports franchises, and it turns out that before the days of digital video and always-available scouting reports, the Cavs scouted their expansion draft with trading cards. After reading the story, it’s less crazy than it sounds, and but it’s still pretty astounding.


The NCAA July “LIVE” period is in full effect starting this week, and all over the country AAU tournaments will be filled with players, coaches and scouts. Basketball Elite will have scouts at several major events this week, and if you can’t get a coach, parent or scout on the phone this month, this is why. It’s a crazy month.


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