Brandon Murray Scouting Report

School: Freedom Christian

AAU: RAID Nation

Height: 6’3

Class: 2019


  • He’s known for his ability to score the ball, especially shooting, throughout the high school season and even into the AAU season he had bigtime scoring number knocking down a high amount of trey balls. His release on his shot is pretty quick and he has a good idea of what a good shot vs a bad shot is, which leads to him have a nice shooting IQ. His range on his shot is impressive as he can knock down shots from near NBA range and once he gets hot from deep it can be a long night for the opposition.
  • Athletically he has the ability to finish above the rim offensively and make plays protecting the rim defensively. He may not be a player that ‘‘jumps out the gym’’ but when you combine the athleticism that he has with his height and length, it gets the job done.
  • Which brings us to our next attribute which is his size and wingspan, at 6’3 with a nice wingspan, he fits the mold of a college guard at the D2 level without a doubt. If he grows some more and hits about 6’5 then that could be a level change for him prospect wise. With the combination of his height and length he has the ability to guard the PG and SG spot and some situations even slide over and guard and undersized SF. He does a good job of rebounding the ball as a guard and getting it out into transition or to the PG to get things going for his squad.
  • The final attribute that we love about this young man is his character, he’s a great kid that is very coachable and handles his business on and off the court. He’s very respectful and is a player that a university will benefit having on campus not only on the court but in the classroom and in the community.


Areas for Improvement

  • At this point he is a player that we would consider a very good shooter, the next step for him to become a higher level shooter is more shot consistency. He’s had game where he’s knocked down 10 treys and others just 2, the key for him will be to shoot with the exact same form each time and staying confident in his shot.
  • At his height for the next level he is decent size for a SG but it is highly likely that he will spend some time playing the PG spot. He has decent ball handling skills at this point but goes to his right much more than he does to his left which will need to be balance out more as the competition level gets higher. Some more time focused in on perfecting his ball handling skills will only make him that much more of a dangerous player.
  • Lastly is adding muscle to his frame, right now he’s somewhat slender for a college prospect and will need to add muscle to be able to absorb the contact at the next level. Consistent time in the weight room can help him with this as well as pushup and other natural muscle building activities, he doesn’t necessarily need a ton of muscle mass but adding lean muscle would be beneficial.

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