Scouting Report: Deumbre Ginyard

School: Trinity Christian

AAU: Fayetteville Magic

Height: 6’2


  • Plain and simply put Deumbre has one of the highest motors that I have seen from a youngster in years, he plays the game with a chip on his shoulder and will go at anyone regardless of height. There have been countless times that I’ve watched him and seen him : dive on the floor force loose ball, force tie up just by his hustle, chase down opponents for blocked shots and taking charges. No matter what you can know one thing for sure about this young man, he’s going to play his heart out and the fans will love him for it.
  • At this point he’s somewhat of an undersized forward, he spends a lot of time inside the paint and at 6’2 you would figure that would make him a mismatch for opposition. This is far from the case as he plays much bigger than his height suggest, he uses his athletic ability and strength to outwork much bigger players inside for rebounds and put backs. In the end this all helps to be a more versatile player for his squad as he can play the Wing position or inside on the block or at the high post. On defense he guard just about every position on the floor, he has the lateral quickness to defend guard and the grittiness to bang inside with bigs.
  • Over the last year or so he has improved scoring the ball as well, he’s knocking down the outside shot with more regularity which causes the big men that are guarding him to have to come out on the perimeter. He finishes well inside the paint even though he’s shorter than most players, and he has an outstanding ability to finish thru all types of contact inside.


Areas for Improvement

  • As stated earlier he’s somewhat undersized for a college level forward and most levels, so perfecting his guard skills is the key. He already has improved his shot so the next step for him is to perfect his ball handling skills and understanding the proper reads out of pick and roll situations.
  • Playing honest defense is another attribute that I feel he can improve, he has outstanding lateral quickness and is athletic so there is no need for him to reach for steals or swat at the ball for blocks. All those habits can lead to foul trouble at the next level as the game is called much more closely and less physical contact is allowed.
  • Lastly he must remember to stay locked in when the game is going on, he plays the game hard and the fans always love so it’s easy to get distracted even when the game is going on. If he stays locked in and focused on the task at hand he’s a huge factor for his team on a nightly basis.

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