Davidson vs UNCW: Battle of the bigs

By James Blackburn 

Final Score: 108-81 Davidson wins

I was able to catch my first Davidson game of the season last night to see them face off against visiting CAA foe UNC Wilmington. Each team has a star in their front-court. Peyton Alridge for Davidson and Devontae Cacok for Wilmington. Both players had big games statistically and will be relied on heavily this season for their respective clubs. Reports for both players are below. NBA scouts who have not had a chance to see either play yet should make it a priority to this season and both players are future pro’s at least at the high level European level.

On a side note, Davidson has a stud freshman guard in Kellan Grady. He has great size, is aggressive, and can finish in traffic. He will be talked about more as the season progresses.

Peyton Aldridge, F, SR, 6’8”, 225 lbs

Stats- 15-24 FG, 4-10 3pt, 5 reb, 2 assists, 37 points


Showing off his inside /outside skill set right out of the gate by scoring on a post up and then a 18’ jumper. Takes his time scoring in the post and can score it over either shoulder. Can get space away from his defender with a nice fade away jumper.

Very reliable 3 pt set shooter. When he gets his feet set and shoots it, he shoots it as well as any big in the country. Cant give him an inch of space.

Very effective and efficient. Gets to his spots and scores it.

Runs the floor really hard and is an underrated athlete.


Limited vertical athleticism. Needs to improve defensively. Lacks the strength still to be a solid interior defender. Opponents are able to get deep position on him too easily. Needs to become a better rebounder. Is not soft but needs to add some toughness.


Peyton had it rolling tonight and could of had 40 points, but one of his last 3’s got waived off because of a moving screen. Definite future pro and will be a Portsmouth invite for certain. He will have his chance for the NBA and depending on how he does in summer league he could possibly become a 2-way guy but I see him as being more of a high level European prospect. If he can add another 10 pounds of muscle and become a little bit better on the boards he has a chance.

Devontae Cacok, F, JR, 6’7”, 240 lbs

Stats- 9-15 FG, 17 reb, 2 assists, 1 block, 22 points


Pro level body with good strength and athleticism.Terrific rebounder who boxes out and meets the ball at rim level. Love his motor and activity. Could make a living just with his rebounding ability. Best rebounder in the country for his size.

Showed he could score with back to basket. Has a right hook over his left shoulder and a good drop step move.

Great at catching lobs– finishes inside. Good hands.

Runs rim to rim. Holds his ground in the post and holds post position.

FT stroke didn’t look bad at all— good arc, could use more rotation. Solid at the line.

Did a pretty good job of recognizing the double teams and passing out of it. Underrated passer.


Not comfortable on the perimeter on either end. Didn’t show ability to shoot outside the paint or put it on the floor and drive. To his credit he knows his limitations and sticks to what he does best which is play with energy and score in the post.

A bit limited offensively and still raw to some degree.


A player who loves the game and plays his role and does it as well as anyone in the country. G-League prospect who would be better off going over to Europe where he could play at a high level almost immediately. His rebounding, energy, and athleticism will translate to any level.


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