Scouting Report: Myron Williams

      School: Cape Fear

      Class: 2018                                                                                                                                            

       Height: 6’5

       Projected Level Of Play: LM/D2                                                                



  • Rebounding- He was one of the leading rebounders in the state for a reason, (14 Rebounds Per game) although he’s only 6’5 he has a gift for rebounding the ball. He does a good job of finding a man to box out as soon as the shot goes up and goes after each loose ball, he brings the attitude that each rebound belongs to him and it shows. They say rebounding is about desire and although many youngsters don’t see rebounding as an important attribute to have, it can be the difference in wins and losses.
  • Playmaking from the high post– Although he can score the ball inside at a very nice rate he also has the skills to make plays from the elbow/high post areas. He’s an unselfish player with a gift for passing the ball and can knock down the jump shot from those areas with consistency. His IQ for the game allows him to make the correct and winning plays for his squad, which brings us to the next attribute that we like about his game.
  • Unselfish/Good Teammate- Of all the players I’ve got the chance to watch, he is one of the most unselfish players I’ve seen. He doesn’t care about his personal stats but instead wants to do what’s best for the team and whatever it takes for them to win. As well as his unselfishness you have to notice his coachability, no matter what his coach has to say he listens well and makes the proper adjustments.
  • Finishing- Another strength that you have to like about his game is that he can finish plays, if a guard gives him the ball in the paint, he probably will score or either earn a trip to the line. He can make plays above the rim offensively as well as defensively which allows him to stay productive regardless of how much taller his opponent is.

                                                                                                    Areas for Improvement

  • Ballhandling- He’s a solid ballhandler at this point but we would love to see him to continue to improve in that area so that he can spend more time on the perimeter at the next level. His footwork isn’t bad at all so his adjustment to spending some more time on the wing should not be too much of a problem.
  • 3 Point Shooting: At times we have seen him shoot the trey ball and knock it down, but due to the position he plays in high school we don’t get to see it as often. However he must continue to work on keeping his perimeter shooting up at a high rate as he will be most likely called on to score the ball from deep in college.
  • Aggressiveness- He’s a player that we almost would call too unselfish, he’s such a good teammate that if he doesn’t get touches on a few plays in a row, he still won’t complain. However when he is constantly aggressive he is a very dangerous player that can make plays for himself and others.

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