Sleeper Report: Clay Mounce (Furman)

Sleeper Report: Clay Mounce (Furman)

Game Scouted: Furman vs UNCG

Clay Mounce, 6’7″, 210 lbs, F, SR


Clay has an athletic and lean frame. Has put on some more muscle from a year ago and has good arm definition. Looks like a basketball player. 

Very good rebounder on both ends where he secures the ball and grabs/tips it above the rim level.  Does a nice job of tipping it when he isnt in position to secure the rebound.  

Has a high basketball IQ. Moves without the ball and understands how to get to his scoring spots. Skilled player who can shoot, pass, and dribble. Efficient player. 

Really good set 3 pt shooter- good elevation, solid rotation and good arc on his shot and he knocks down 3’s with consistency. Has soft shooting touch. 

Can attack the basket in straight line drives and score it at the rim. Good athlete. 

Really good defender who with his length, motor, and quickness can guard up to 4 possessions. Pretty good shot blocker who gets off the floor quickly and has good timing.  

Makes a ton of hustle plays.


Could add a few more pounds of muscle to his frame– has gotten stronger but could add a little more weight. 

3 pt shot release is a little slow.

Needs to improve as a ball handler to make the full move to the SF position- at this stage he is most comfortable going in straight lines but if he makes his dribble lower and tighter than changing directions is the next step.  


Clay is having another outstanding season and entered this game averaging better than 15 points and 6 rebounds. Is the teams X factor. He is a guy who makes winning plays that you want to have on the floor as a coach. Is a good teammate and plays with heart. Is a great fit for the European game. Leagues such as Germany Pro-A, Finland, Sweden, and Hungary would be great starting spots. 

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