Sleeper Report: (ECU) Akeem Richmond

Akeem Richmond East Carolina

By James Blackburn

Game Scouted: ECU @ UNC-G
ECU wins 85-84
Akeem Richmond (G, 6’0”, SR)

36 min, 5-13 FG, 4-10 3 pt FG, 5-5 FT, 1 assist, 3 TO, 4 ST, 19 TP
Box Score

Excellent 3 point stroke and he can get it off in a hurry. He can’t be given any room on the perimeter and he has range beyond the 3-point line. Tremendous overall shooter- showed he could shoot off the dribble as well- got shoulders square and has fundamentally sound stroke. One of the purest shooters I have seen this year. Smart passer off the P/R and does a great job of feeding the post. Very quick. Smart player. Does not force shots. Had several And 1 plays tonight, including a 4 pt play. Kid is tough and he is not scared of taking big shots. Is a good FT shooter who is comfortable and calm at the line- hit 3 FT’s at the end of the game for the win w/ his team down 2.

Uses quickness to stay in front of opposing guards. Looks to make plays off the ball- got several steals by anticipating passes.

Size is an issue as he plays off the ball- struggles to defend the opposing 2-guards because he is not tall enough to contest the shots adequately. His 6’0” size he is listed at is generous. Needs to communicate more on the defensive end and be vocal. Would of also liked to see him pressure the ball more.

Struggles to create his own shot offensively. Struggled to score against longer defenders. One dimensional offensively- what else can he do besides shoot the 3? Did a decent job of creating for others off the P/R, but still struggles to do much off the dribble. Handle is a little shaky and doesn’t look extremely comfortable handling the ball- must improve left hand dribble. Played off the time the entire game- can’t be classified as a PG or a combo guard- is a straight 2G, which is tough because of his size. Its also tough, because he is a shooter much more then a scorer. Only negative about shot- is it does not have a lot of rotation on it.

Was a 3-time AP All-State Selection. Transferred to ECU after playing his 1st 2 years at University of Rhode Island. Has already eclipsed the 1,000 pt scoring mark in his 1st 3 years of collegiate play. Led Conference USA is 3-pt FG made per game last season with 3.

I liked his demeanor and attitude through out the game. Facial expressions do not change- he is a poised guard who does not fold under pressure. Hit 3 huge FT’s at end of game for the win after getting fouled on a 3.

Would like him to be a little more aggressive and assertive on both ends of the floor, especially as a senior earlier in the game. Needs to be more vocal as well. Does support his teammates and is coachable and respectful.

Is one of the best shooters I have seen this year, but he struggles to do much else. He is not a PG and would struggle at the next level to play the off-guard position at his size. Has the shooting ability to play in Europe, but its tough for American 2 guards or SG to get a chance to play abroad. He would need to make the transition to the PG position to have a real chance of playing overseas professionally.

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