Phenom Hoops High School Jamboree


By James Blackburn 

Dozens of college coaches from all 3 levels of NCAA packed Proehlific Park on Saturday to watch over 30 HS teams compete on 3 courts. The games were competitive and there was a plethora of talent on hand.

I tried to watch as many teams as I could while there for over 7 hours. Below I have included my reports on players organized by high school in alphabetical order.

Calvary Baptist

Cameron Easter (2016, 6’6″, F)

Easter is a versatile and athletic wing who’s full arsenal was on display on Saturday. He can shoot it from the perimeter and finish above the rim on drives. He should see his recruitment increase after his performance.

Cannon School

Jairus Hamilton (2018, 6’8″, F)

Although he was the tallest and strongest player on the team, Hamilton played mostly point- forward today. He showed the ability to handle the ball, break down the defense, and kick to open shooters on the perimeter. He needs to continue to improve his body language and his effort on the defensive side of the ball. He didnt show the ability to knock down many perimeter shots, instead electing to attack the rim.

Charlotte Catholic 

BJ Mack (2019, 6’8″, F)

Mack isnt afraid to do the dirty work and embraces contact and inside play. He has a strong frame and can play with his back to the basket. Mack projects as a HM prospect.


Rechon Black (2018, 6’6″, PG)

Black was another big PG I saw today.  Not sure if this will remain his primary position going forward, but he did a good job of dribbling with his head up and getting to the FT line at a high rate. He is long and athletic and can hit open 3’s. Needs to continue to get stronger, but is tracking as a HM prospect.

Ray Kowolski (2016, 6’2″, G)

Ray plays with a lot of confidence and was one of the best shooters I saw today. He is patient with the ball and utilizes ball fakes. Strong. He has committed to SE Missouri.

Concord Prep

Jamari Benjamin/Nyheem Atkins (2016, 6’9″)

I didnt get to watch these twin towers play for very long but both of them are mobile athletic and long bigs who have good hands.

Cox Mill HS

Wendell Moore (2019, 6’5″, G)

Moore has possibly the highest upside of any player in attendance. He had a number of HM coaches scouting him while playing today. He is long and a decent athlete. He is a good ball handler who needs to continue to improve his left hand. Understands how to get other players involved and is unselfish. Has a college ready strong frame already which is scary- players were bouncing off of him on defense. Showed he can shoot from the outside. Can he defend high level PG’s is the question, but Moore has a bright future at the G slot.

Forsyth Country Day

Tripp Greene (2018, 6’1″, G)

Tripp continues to impress me every time I see him. His body has gotten stronger and he is more and more confident in his PG duties. He was one of the best 3 pt shooters in the gym and plays solid help side D. Colleges from all 3 divisions should monitor.

Bruno Solumon (2016, 6’9″, F)

Legit MM stretch 4 man who has a college ready frame and is mobile. Rebounds and passes the ball well. Has a high release on his shot and is willing to score inside as needed too.

Matty Edwards (2016, 6’5″, G)

One of my favorite players on the day, Matty is a coaches dream. He does the little things on both ends and works hard. He can shoot, dribble, and pass and is highly versatile. Good size for the 2/3 spot. Skilled and versatile.

Greensboro Day

JP Moorman (2017, 6’6″, F)

Possibly the best player on one of the deepest and best teams in attendance today.  JP is a terror to defend in the open court with his blend of size, strength, and athleticism. Played hard today and is a MM+ prospect.

Travon Mayo (2017, 6’4″, G)

Under the radar type player who has a high motor with a good frame. Attacks the rim aggressively.

Johnny Newman (2018, 6’5″, G)

Showed some good things while in game. Plays hard, athletic, and defends.

Independence HS

Victor Tshiona (2017, 6’5″, F)

Victor is a bruiser inside who loves the physical play. Solid scorer with his back to the basket. High motor player who was unstoppable around the basket today.

Justyn Hamilon (2017, 6’10”, F)

Long and athletic front court player who has a good shooting touch. Must continue to improve strength.

Jack Britt HS

Gerald Buncum (2017, 6’6″, F)

One of my favorite players I saw today. Buncum is mobile and is an aggressive shot blocker. Long. Has the ability to hit the 15′ J.

Kings Mountain

Jacob Skidmore (2016, 6’8″, F)

Long and lanky wing who is scrappy and a good defender and rebounder. Skidmore was solid all day and can shoot the midrange with consistency.

Josh Helton (2017, 6’8″, PF)

Helton is a strong post player who can score with his back to the basket. Showed he could pick and pop and hit the short corner J. Plays hard and attacks the rim. Good motor.

Lincoln Charter

Kody Shubert (2018, 6′, G)

Highlight reel with the ball and is fun to watch. Capable of playing either guard slot. Arguably the best shooter in the gym today. Defends and makes plays.

Millbrook HS

Faison Brock (2016, 6’6″, F)

Loved his energy and athleticism. Rebounds the ball and makes winning plays. D1 player.

Austin Cobb (2016, 6’4″, G)

One of the best 1 on 1 scorers I saw today. Really good with the ball in his hands- has the ball on a string. Can create for himself with an excellent hesitation dribble.

Mt. Tabor 

Cartier Wilks (2017, 6’6″, F)

Face up 4 man who rebounds the ball well and has good energy. Super long and is an aggressive defender.

Voyager Academy

Jay Huff (2016, 6’11”, F)

The UVA stretch 4 man showed a good skill set and soft touch from the perimeter. Needs to continue to improve on the defensive end and show a higher motor.

Westchester Country Day 

Marshall Lange (2016, 6’3″, PG)

Lange entered the day with only 2 D-2 offers and I believe that will change very soon with his solid play today. He has a strong upper body and a quick first step. He can shoot it with a quick release on the outside and can create off the bounce. Had several no-look passes today to cutters and has good vision. Contests shots on the defensive end- bumps cutters too.

Caymen Bennett (2016, 6’1″, G)

Plays bigger then 6’1″ with his length and athleticism. Needs to tighten up his handle but is solid in transition.

Word of God

Rawle Alkins (2016, 6’4″, G/F)

By far the strongest player I saw today, any position. Has a great frame with good shoulders- looks like a football player. Aggressive slasher who can change directions off the bounce. Struggled to defend quicker 2’s and 3’s on the perimeters- took poor angles on the closeouts and has slow lateral quickness. Low shooting release but is a college prospect.

Jalen Harris (2016, 6’2″, G)

Plays the game with a quite confidence. Fluid with effortless athleticism. Good perimeter stroke. The 2G has committed to Buffalo.


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