Sleeper Report: Deniz Kilicli (West Virgina)

By James Blackburn

Deniz Kilicli
Game Scouted: West Virginia @ Kansas State
West Virginia wins 85-80 in Double OT
Box Score

Deniz Kilicli (F, 6’9”, Junior)

6-9 FG, 7 reb, 1 assist, 6 TO, 12 TP, 29 min

Solid/strong frame- 260 lbs. Good passer for big man- better than assist per game average shows. Hard worker/tough nosed. Works with out the ball/early to secure deep post position. Boxes out well and secures the ball by chinning it. Good back to basket game- great slide dribble to hook shot- can shoot it with either hand effectively. Not a conventional hook shot- more of a sweeping/old school hook shot away from body- impossible to block. Good footwork in the post- has the ability to reverse pivot and face up. Uses size and strength to defend post. Does a nice job of staying straight up and showing hands defensively with out fouling. Crafty offensive game for big man- loves to fake the hand off and go to the rim. Draws fouls and utilizes the pump fake well. Highly effective/efficient around rim. Will not get pushed off block and is able to push/keep opponents big from getting inside position. Uses body to shield off defender. Runs the floor better than a year ago. Showed the ability at end of game to put the ball on floor and go around defender on perimeter if he is pressured. Good screener. Looked active and mobile playing the middle of the 1-3-1 zone deployed by WV near end of game and in OT.

Plays below the rim- not the most athletic in that regard- but works extremely hard. Struggles to defend the pick and roll- hangs back in the painted area below 3 point line- so guard must go under pick. Not a threat to block shots. Slow laterally. Boxes out well and holds his man off- but needs to be more active in pursuing rebound. Does not have the speed to get around man to get a lot of offensive rebounds. TO prone- event though he has the ability to put ball on floor when guarded by post player- his dribble is loose and high. Low ceiling.

Highly rated recruit from Turkey- played professionally in Turkey before coming to West Virginia. Does a decent job of running floor- but is much more effective in half court game, where he can post up. Had 4 fouls this game and had to sit for a good bit late in the second half (2 of these came from offensive fouls). More mobile and in better shape then last season- never sat out during either OT. Played both OT’s with 4 fouls with out picking up fifth- good control. Grabbed and controlled a big defensive rebound in the second OT, after traveling on a couple of rebounds before. I can see him as a late second round pick in the NBA draft after his senior year. Needs to continue to improve shooting consistency and adjust to the speed of the American game. He reminds me of a mix between Marc Gasol and Josh Harrellson, from Kentucky, now with the Hornets. If Harrellson can get drafted in the second round, then Kilicli can as well. May become a mid to early second round pick if he has a solid senior campaign.

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