Basketball Questions Answered: Magnum Rolle

Magnum Rolle had arguably one of the better basketball outings of any of the players in the 2010 NBA Summer League, which is why he made our Third Team All League for the event.

Magnum is a second round pick who looks like he has a shot to stick in the league.

James Blackburn had a quick conversation with Rolle during a break, where he talked about “the best dunk he ever had” which was over two seven footers in high school. Not only is that an impressive dunk, but playing against a high school team with two seven foot players on the roster is no joke, either.

As far as the adjustment to playing in the NBA from college, he says he is adjusting well, every day is another process and that he is in the summer league to learn. The coaching staff is really pleased with the rate he is working and moving into the pro game. Magnum says his goal is to “get better every day”.


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