Magnum Rolle had arguably one of the better basketball outings of any of the players in the 2010 NBA Summer League, which is why he made our Third Team All League for the event.

Magnum is a second round pick who looks like he has a shot to stick in the league.

James Blackburn had a quick conversation with Rolle during a break, where he talked about “the best dunk he ever had” which was over two seven footers in high school. Not only is that an impressive dunk, but playing against a high school team with two seven foot players on the roster is no joke, either.

As far as the adjustment to playing in the NBA from college, he says he is adjusting well, every day is another process and that he is in the summer league to learn. The coaching staff is really pleased with the rate he is working and moving into the pro game. Magnum says his goal is to “get better every day”.


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By James Blackburn

James scouted the 2010 NBA Summer League games in Orlando, FL, and has compiled his list of the best players from all of the games played. This list represents just the play from the summer league games.

James’ Note: These teams and selections are based off of what I saw in the first 3 days of the League. There were 2 days, I was not there- Thursday and Friday- so I missed 2 games. I was able to see each player play in 3 games live. These, are in my mind the top players based on their performances. The stats beside each player are his accumulated statistics through the first 3 games.
Each team is composed of 2 guards, 2 forwards, and a center.
Eric Maynor Summer League

1st Team
G- Eric Maynor (Thunder)- 91 min, 15-29 FG, 3-6 3 pt, 10-14 FT, 3 rpg, 5 apg, 1 spg, 14.3 ppg
G- Jrue Holiday (76ers)- 97 min, 18-38 FG, 4-12 3pt, 18-28 FT, 2 rpg, 6 apg, 2 spg, 19 ppg
F- Terrence Williams (Nets)- 102 min, 24-56 FG, 2-6 3pt, 19-29 FT, 4 rpg, 7 apg, 1 spg, 23 ppg
F- Paul George ( Pacers)- 86 min, 12-31 FG, 2-14 3pt, 11-12 FT, 7 rpg, 2 apg, 3 spg, 12.3 ppg
C- Byron Mullens (Thunder)- 85 min, 15-30 FG, 22-33 FT, 5.3 rpg, 0.33 apg, 1 spg, 1 bpg, 17.3 ppg

2nd Team
G-Lance Stephenson ( Pacers)- 84 min, 21-28 FG, 13-19 FT, 3 rpg, 2 apg, 1 bpg, 18.3 ppg
G- Gerald Henderson (Bobcats)- 93 min, 14-33 FG, 2-7 3pt, 18-20 FT, 3.3 rpg, 3 apg, 1 spg, 16 ppg
F- Damion James (Nets)- 96 min, 21-48 FG, 4-10 3 pt, 16-28 FT, 6.3 rpg, 1 apg, 1 spg, 20.7 ppg
F- Derrick Brown (Bobcats)-93 min, 16-31 FG, 2-4 3pt, 12-17 FT, 6 rpg, 1 spg, 15.3 ppg
C- Marreese Speights (76ers)- 87 min, 15-42 FG, 8-9 FT, 9 rpg, 1 asp, 1 spg, 12.7 ppg

3rd Team
G-Jodie Meeks (76ers)- 87 min, 15-37 FG, 4-12 3pt, 18-21 FT, 4 rpg, 2 apg, 1 spg, 17.3 ppg
G-James Harden ( Thunder)- 101 min, 9-27 FG, 1-12 3 pt, 40-46 FT, 4.3 rpg, 2 apg, 2 spg, 1 bpg, 19.7 ppg
F- Luke Harangody (Celtics)- 79 min, 18-36 FG, 6-12 3pt, 7-8 FT, 6.3 rpg, 1 apg, 1 bpg, 16.3 ppg
F- Magnum Rolle (Pacers)- 78 min, 13-22 FG, 0-1 3pt, 6-9 FT, 5.3 rpg, 3 bpg, 10.7 ppg
C- Kosta Koufos (Jazz)- 72 min, 12-25 FG, 12-20 FT, 8.3 rpg, 2.5 bpg, 12 ppg

Players To Watch (Note-could not be selected to 1/2/3 teams to be eligible)
Best Undrafted Player
Jaycee Carroll (Celtics- PG undrafted out of Utah State)-82 min, 17-38 FG, 2-10 3pt, 4-7 FT, 3.7 rpg, 3 apg, 1 spg, 13.3 ppg

Best 2nd round draft pick
Jeremy Evans (Jazz)- 45 min, 4-8 FG, 2-3 FT, 2.7 rpg, 1 apg, 1 spg, 1 bpg, 3.3 ppg

By James Blackburn

James scouted every game of the 2010 NBA Summer League in Orlando, Florida, where many rookies try to start their NBA careers off on the right foot and many young players with a year or two of experience try to get more court time. After an exhausting week of scouting games, getting interviews and flagging down General Managers, James wraps up with this scouting report of the Pacers versus the Jazz.

Utah (1-2) vs. Indiana (2-1)
Pacers win 83-74
Box Score


• How many illegal screens have we seen this week? This is crazy.

• Pacers getting out in transition; off and running.

• Poor defense for Jazz. Pacers are getting way too many easy buckets.

• Pacers were up by 20 for over 2 quarters. Jazz came back in late 3rd and 4th and made it a game.



Gordon Hayward (24 min,1-5 FG, 0-2 3 pt, 5-5 FT,2 reb, 2 st, 1 blk, 7 tp) – Matched up with Paul George most of the game. Was not quick/athletic enough to guard him. Looked like he was rushing his jump shot- jumper was off the mark. Looked frustrated this game. Had a nice steal and finished with a two-handed dunk and the foul.

Jeremy Evans (13 min, 1-2 FG, 2-3 FT, 3 reb, 1 ass, 4 tp) Helped bring Utah back into the game. Hustles every play; great second round pick for Utah. I like this guy a lot; will be a solid player. Needs to get quicker feet on defense. McRoberts blew by him a couple of times. Very long, great shot blocker, needs to get stronger. Grabs rebounds at rim level. Very athletic, had a huge dunk from way outside the lane, and got fouled.

Tyrese Rice (11 min, 2-3 FG, 1-2 3 pt, 5 tp) Has a nice looking wrap around pass. Can shoot the ball well. Will be a career D-Leaguer.

Kosta Koufos (29 min, 7-10 FG, 5-10 FT, 7 reb, 1 blk, 19 tp) Big game for second year player from Ohio State. Has a nice spin move on baseline that he finished with two handed dunk. Strong finisher near rim, keeps ball high on rebound. Has a nice sweeping hook. Had a nice block on the more agile McRoberts. Has a decent 18’ jumper. Solid rebounder; secures the ball.


Paul George (29 min, 5-9 FG,1-2 3 pt, 4-5 FT, 9 reb, 3 ass, 1 st, 15 tp) Very good rebounder and slasher. Lamar Odom type; can rebound the ball, dribble it up and court, stop and shoot the 3 or take it to the rim. Is a good passer. Sometimes over dribbles and tries to do to much, gets him in trouble. Is a good shooter; has a nice step back J.

Josh McRoberts (31 min, 5-6 FG, 1-1 3 pt, 10-10 FT,3 reb, 4 ass, 1 blk, 21 tp) Best performance yet this week. Was connecting on his jump shot this game. Is playing very well, active on boards, is a good passer and plays good D. Gets to the line and makes his FT’s. Had a couple of very athletic finishes.

Lance Stephenson (28 min, 6-8 FG, 7-10 FT,2 reb, 1 blk,19 tp) Should have had several assist, but recipients couldn’t finish. Is a good passer; good vision. Loves the no-look pass. Gets in trouble sometimes by getting airborne when making passes. Very creative with the ball. Uses his body well to shield defenders. Has good body control in air. Moves his feet well on defense; always displays hand in face of shooter. Jumper looks solid, displays good form and good ball rotation and is hitting jumpers nothing but net. Makes the defense pay when defender reaches. High energy guy. Can post up smaller defenders and finish strong. More athletic than once thought, finishing above the rim several times. Has big hands and is a beast down low. Lance does a good job taking command of the game and is a good FT shooter. One negative is that he sometimes gets ahead of himself and gets in a hurry and turns the ball over. Lance continues to impress and surprise.

Magnum Rolle (29 min, 4-5 FG, 2-2 FT,8 reb, 4 blks, 10 tp) Very athletic player who was a second rounder out of Louisiana Tech. Finishes over the rim and is a big time shot blocker. Great defensive player who can be a presence in the paint; comes out of no where to block shots. High extension of Left handed hook. Under the radar player, has a chance to be pretty good. Has a nice looking 18’ jumper off screens. Good passer. Made a rookie mistake when a committed a moving screen at very end of game; stupid mistake.

By James Blackburn

James continues his scouting of the NBA summer league games in Orlando, where many rookies are getting their first chance to prove themselves in the NBA.

Game 4 – 7:00 game
Pacers (1-1) vs. Nets (1-1)
Nets win 80-69
Box Score

• Both teams are running in transition.

• A lot of high light real plays/dunks in this exciting game.

Image Source: AP

Scouting Reports

Terrence Williams (34 min, 8-18 FG, 1-2 3 pt, 7-9 FT, 7 reb, 7 ass, 9 TO, 24 tp)- Again Williams led the Nets in points, but this game he had some help. He is really good at creating contact and drawing fouls. When he goes left he looks to pass, or he picks dribble up- loves to go right. Nice looking jumper and turn around jumper- with good elevation. Had a tough time handling the ball today and looked flustered under pressure- with 9 TO.

Derrick Favors (28 min, 5-8 FG, 2-4 FT, 3 reb, 6 fls, 12 tp)- Was in foul trouble again, but was able to stay on the floor longer than yesterday. The Nets played him at PF most of the game with Zoubek at Center. This is a good move because although Favors can play center ( position played at GT in college)- he needs to learn how to play high post because the Nets have Lopez a great player at center already. He does not look comfortable this game- looks tired. Should have had more rebounds, did not pursue the ball as much as he should have- lack of energy/effort. He looked out of his element playing PF and high post. Has a nice hook shot- can shoot it with either hand with same consistency.

Damion James (35 min, 8-20 FG, 1- 4 3 pt, 4-13 FT,11 reb, 21 tp)- Is not afraid to shoot the ball, takes a lot of shots- but settles for tough shots- when he can/should go to rim. Is not a bad shooter, has good form, gets square to rim. Has a nice turn around jumper where he fades over his right shoulder- very KG like- impossible to block. Poor FT shooter, considering he is a good jump shooter.


Paul George (31 min, 5-15 FG, 0-7 3pt, 8 reb, 3 ass, 7 st, 10 tp)- Good rebounder, great defender- long arms helps him play passing lanes well. Loves to get out in transition and run, where he is most effective- in open court. Is very athletic- highlight reel machine. Needs to improve jumper, settles for outside jumper way to much. Needs to get his dribble tighter and improve his range. He turns his body in the air when shooting-not square to rim. He is able to finish with contact- but needs to get stronger.

Lance Stephenson (25 min, 7-10 FG, 1-1 FT, 3 reb, 3 ass, 15 tp)- Good productive game offensively. Is a very crafty and good passer. Is very fast/stealth in open court- where he is creative with ball. Very effective ball fakes that can throw defender off balance. Is a good rebounder- uses body well- big/strong. Loves spin move on baseline. Jumps in the air a lot when he passes- sometimes he gets in trouble- needs to stay down. Good finisher at the rim with good crafty moves to put ball in basket with contact. Good defense on Williams- forced him left.

Thomas Heurtel (14 min, 2-6 FG, 1-3 3 pt, 2 reb, 2 ass, 5 tp)- Is a solid PG, you know what you are getting with Heurtel. Is a good passer- threw a nice overhead pass in transition. Has a quick release- good shooter. Has nice right to left crossover- very quick- has nice floater- good defense- stays glued to his man.

Magnum Rolle (30 min, 3-6 FG, 3-5 FT, 3 reb, 3 blks, 9 tp)- Very athletic player- put T. Williams on a poster with a huge 2 handed dunk- where he had both elbows over the rim. Has excellent timing with weak side blocks. Is active on the glass. Nice second round pick.