Portsmouth Invitational Tournament: Day 2

Portsmouth Invitational Tournament 2012 Day 2
Photo: WAVY

By James Blackburn

Game 1: Norfolk Sports Club vs. K & D Landscaping

Norfolk Sports Club wins 80-67
Box Score

Scouting Reports

Agustus Gilchrist (South Florida, 6’10”, F)

Did a good job defending the post-stayed straight up and didn’t allow any room for offense to operate-stood his ground- strong. Looked uncomfortable on the perimeter on both ends- off balance defensively on perimeter. He was able to get to the FT line again today for the most part looked comfortable and was able to convert despite a hitch and a pause in his release- other wise he kept the elbow in and had good arc and rotation on ball. Had several tip dunks and athletically is one of the top guys represented here. Good rebounder.

Mitchell Watt (Buffalo, 6’10”, F)

Has an NBA ready build- with a frame that will allow him to add about 15-20 lbs. of muscle. Able to use either hand in post. Nimble and fluid movement. Has a quick first step off the reverse pivot. Showed the ability to hit the open set 3 today. Smart shot blocker- great timing and knows what spots to get to. Influences shots he doesn’t block. Efficient in the post. Somehow he fouled out in a game where they were really letting guys play. His play here this week warrants at least a summer league invite and possibly a roster spot in training camp.

Cameron Moore (UAB, 6’10”, F)

Solid shooting form from the midrange and in. Quite in the first half offensively. Soft touch. Long. Uses length to block shots. Stronger then he looks.

Rakim Sanders (Fairfield, 6’5”, F)

Strong upper bodied player who competes on both ends. Attacks the rim with force and can finish through and with contact- secures rebounds- solid on the glass. Tenacious defender- plays bigger then 6’5”- showed the ability to move his feet laterally and guard quicker players his size on perimeter and bang with taller players down on the block. At this point he is more of an undersized PF- which being only 6’5” hurts his chances to play at the next level. To his credit though he displayed the ability to guard a SF, which would be his position at the next level. Plays extremely hard and hustles. Very athletic- plays above the rim. Didn’t see him take any perimeter shots- mainly a slasher from the perimeter. Needs to improve his handles. Utilizes pump fakes. Although his NBA chances are slim, his solid play today more then likely earned him a few individual workouts and a hefty overseas contract.

Game 2: Sales Systems, Ltd. Vs. Roger Brown’s Restaurant

Roger Browns Restaurant wins 74-71
Box Score

Scouting Reports

Herb Pope (Seton Hall, 6’8”, F)

Wide bodied player who crashes the offensive boards. Does a lot of things well- rebounds, unselfish, attacks the rim, defends and blocks shots, and has a decent handle for size. Lets the game come to him- doesn’t force the issue and shots. Sold footwork in on the block- reliable scorer in one on one situations. Rolled his ankle midway through the second half and did not return. One of the top ranked players in the nation several years ago- was able to play his way this season onto the All-Conference Big East team . Will have more chances to improve NBA chances in the future as he will have his schedule booked full of individual workouts. Will most likely find his way on a roster as an undrafted FA.

Chris Johnson (Dayton, 6’6”, F)

Long lefty who can hit the 3 and the midrange- very good rotation and gets high elevation- needs to improve consistency- due to his elevation on jumper and his shot has a tendency to be a little flat. Defends and understands help D- active. Solid athlete. Good rebounder for a guard- boxes out on shots.

Jet Chang (BYU-Hawaii, 6’4”, G)

Knock down shooter with NBA 3-point range- good elevation and great release- pure shooter. Showed the ability to hit the one dribble pull up as well- textbook form and footwork .Underrated defender who held his own on the defensive end. Did show the ability to create his own shot near the end of the game- smooth stroke- you expect his shot to go in every time. Will have a nice career overseas after being a DII All-American his senior year.

Kyle Fogg (Arizona, 6’3”, G)

Heady PG who can score and make plays for others. Controls the tempo. Uses ball screens effectively and can get to the rim. Very good on ball defender. Terrific passer who is at his best in P/R situations which helps his case for the NBA. Showed the ability to turn the corner on multiple occasions this game and get to the painted area. Keeps his dribble until he knows what he wants. Above average ball handler even for a PG- can use either hand and go either way equally- good change of speed dribble. Needs to improve range and shooting ability as well as his FT shooting. Struggled to finish once he reached the paint. D-League should be an option, as well as a few 10-days as a possibility in the future. One of the best PG’s seen this week- does a lot that will translate to the next level. Was an All-Pac 12 selection this past year.

Wesley Witherspoon (Memphis, 6’9”, F)

Smooth, agile, and versatile. Very long and athletic- highlight waiting to happen. Had several nice blocks including denying a dunk attempt in transition. Solid scorer who can score both on the perimeter and inside. Has upside- I could see a team possibly giving him an opportunity with a training camp or summer league spot especially with another solid showing. Nimble enough to possibly play the SF position at the next level, but most likely will be a 4. Quick enough to defend smaller guards on the perimeter. Solid game tonight. Needs to get stronger, especially in the upper body- limits his ability to finish. D-League will probably be his best option.

Eric Griffin (Campbell, 6’8”, F)

Surprise player so far of the week. Good shooter with a high release- able to stretch the floor because of shooting ability. Plays hard and defends- blocks shots and has active hands. Earned the respect of all the opponents by the end of the game. Runs the floor. Draws contact at a high rate and coverts at the line. Played very well this game. If he wasn’t on NBA scouts radar before, he is after this game. Will be a pro somewhere next year and fits the mold of the modern day PF to a “T”. Was a member of the Big South All-Conference team this year after averaging 15.7 ppg and 8.7 rpg.

Game 3: Mike Duman Auto Sales vs. Portsmouth Partnership

Portsmouth Partnership wins 85-79
Box Score

Scouting Reports

Ashton Gibbs (Pittsburgh, 6’2”, G)

Excellent ball handler- has the ability to break man down off the dribble and score. Very quick release- nice midrange stroke. Showed good shot making ability in the half court set and in transition. Size is going to be an issue at the next level, whether that is the NBA, D-League, or overseas. Most likely will receive multiple individual workout invites with NBA teams, but will probably begin next season in a D-League uniform.

Yancy Gates (Cincinnati, 6’9”, F)

Very good size- could stand to lose about 10 lbs to get to prime playing weight. Did a good job of shading on screens and then hustling back to his man. Soft hands. Hustled back on defense. Nice looking FT stroke. For the most part, he is an under the rim type player. Post game consists mostly of him banging and throwing his weight around- draws fouls and is a load on the low block. In my opinion would be a solid late 2nd round pick.

JaMychal Green (Alabama, 6’8”, F)

NBA ready size wise and athletically- one of the top prospects here. Versatile defender- plays hard and competes, diving on the floor for loose balls. Fluid movement. Very good rebounder on both ends- boxes out and cleans the glass at high rate- always in good position. Runs the floor and fills the lanes on the break where he finished nearly every time- strong upper body- finishes through defenders. Has the ability to step out and knock down the 15-18’ jump shot. Does an excellent job of clearing out and establishing deep post position. Was named SEC All-Conference after averaging 14 and 7 per game last season. I doubt he will get drafted unless he wows in individuals, but has a good chance of landing on an NBA roster as a FA- definitely has the skills set to play in the League.

Nick Barbour (High Point, 6’3”, G)

Capable of putting up points in a hurry- prolific scorer- averaged over 20 ppg this past season in the Big South. Quick. Played solid defense today- practically shutting down Kyle Kuric from Louisville, turning him over and forcing him to take bad shots. Good pull up shooter with a quick release. Lefty. Will never be accused of being gun shy- will put up shots in a hurry. Is listed at 6’3”, but looks to me to be on the shorter side. Played both on the ball and off the ball today. Practically automatic from 3- hit almost half of his attempts in this past college season. In order to have a shot at the NBA, scouts want to see his ability to run the PG position- has proven that he can play off the ball, but is too small to play the 2 at the next level. Somewhat TO prone when being the primary ball handler and he must improve his play making ability- has scoring on his mind every time he puts the ball on the floor and/ or turns the corner off ball screens.

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