The 2015 Immaculate Training Pro Exposure Camp was held in Charlotte, NC on June 13 and 14, featuring multiple players who have already played international basketball. Multiple scouts from Europe and the United States were in attendance. We’ll have more scouting notes on the games but below are the rosters and full game replays from the event.

Game One:

Game Two:

Game Three:

Game Four:

Game Five:

Game Six:

All-Star Game:

All-Star Game Rosters:

42 – Ja’Wan Davis
49 – Aaron Brackett
66 – Vernon Payne
70 – Tony Gallo
72 – Corey Raley-Ross
76 – Chris Calvin
80 – Antonio Bumpus
89 – Markell Lotharp
96 – Titus Robinson
98 – Preston Ross
104 – Louis Craft
112 – Trevor Flores
114 – Curtis Withers
115 – Mike Bland

Player Drills:

Armani has been involved with European professional basketball for quite some time, and this week reached an agreement with Euroleague to extend that relationship:

Euroleague Basketball is proud to announce that Giorgio Armani S.P.A., the iconic Italian fashion house, has renewed its global partnership with the Turkish Airlines Euroleague.

The partnership includes deals which integrate with the Euroleague Game of the Week, as well as the Euroleague Final Four properties.

“The whole world recognizes Giorgio Armani S.P.A. as a symbol of excellence in the fashion and cultural fields,” Roser Queralto, Chief Business Development Officer, said. “We at Euroleague Basketball know there is more than Armani’s elegance to admire after having shared in Milan important moments that touched the lives of children and needy people of that community. To have the Armani name associated again with our Final Four and Game of the Week is just an honor.”

Staff Reports

There’s been a ton of stories coming out of the European and Asian leagues with NBA players having problems translating their games to their new league. But one player who is proving he can play anywhere is Deron Williams, who is blowing up just as he did when he landed in the NBA. Here’s highlights of his 50 point performance a few days ago:

Williams’ 50 against Göttingen came in much the way he’s been so effective in the NBA: using his change of speed effectively, crossover and a deadly pull up jumper that he can hit from anywhere, spotting up, on the move, or falling away.