Andell Cumberbatch St. Bonaventure basketball scouting

By James Blackburn

Game Scouted: St. Bonaventure @ Wake Forest
Wake wins 77-62
Box Score

Andell Cumberbatch (G, 6’4”, JR)

36 min, 8-16 FG, 3-7 3pt FG, 0-3 FT, 7 reb, 2 assist, 3 TO’s, 6 steals, 19 TP

Andell has many strengths and is a versatile player. One of the things about him that most impressed me this game was on the defensive end. Very good overall defender who is smart and anticipates the actions of the offensive player well. Good lateral quickness who makes the opponents shoot tough shots. Plays the passing lanes well and has quick hands. Hustles and is willing to dive on the floor for loose balls.

Offensively, he attacks the rim well going to his right and is smooth and under control. Can handle the ball well and is a good passer- better than his stats would indicate. Has sneaky athleticism and finds gaps in the defense. Is a good rebounder- especially on the offensive end. Showed he could hit the 3 ball. Could see him becoming more of a combo guard.

Is not the quickest player on the floor or a big time above the rim athlete. Needs to get stronger- has a slight frame. Gets bumped off his driving path too easily. Can he use his left hand and how well can he finish with his left?

Can hit the 3- but is an inconsistent shooter from beyond the arc. Has a tendency to rush his 3 pt shot and drop his hands- not hold follow through- has a low release. Not a good FT shooter. Poor shooter off the dribble- better w/ feet set.

JUCO transfer from Barton CC in Kansas, where he averaged 14.2 ppg and 8.2 rpg last year. Not a lot to dislike about the way Andell played tonight. Lead his team in minutes, points, rebounds, and steals. Is the 3rd leading scorer for the year on the team. Looks a legit 6’4” and has good length. Handled the ball a good bit for the game and could see him playing some PG if he continues to tighten dribble and get comfortable playing in more P/R situations.

Definitely has a career in basketball in his future- doubt its going to be in America, unless he wants to go to the D-League where I think he could help a team and that might be a good fit for him. Is a 2 guard which is not great for his overseas prospects but he could definitely play there- would like to see him play the PG position more which could improve his stock. You will be hearing his name again as his team is poised to possibly break into the NCAA Tournament this year by winning its conference.


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By James Blackburn

Game Scouted: St. Bonaventure @ Wake Forest
Wake wins 77-62
Box Score

Coron Williams (G, 6’1”, SR)

27 min, 3-8 FG, 2-4 3p FG, 6 reb, 2 assists, 0 TO, 1 steal, 8 TP

Coron’s most obvious and best asset is his shooting ability, which gives him the ability to stretch the defense. He didn’t shoot the ball great in this game, but he has an excellent stroke with a quick release and he hit two big three pointers at a crucial part of the game in the second half. Excellent form. Every time he shoots you think it’s going in. Capable of coming in cold off the bench and knocking down 3’s.

Coron is more than just a shooter, however. He is an unselfish player who has a high basketball IQ and plays smart. Knows his strengths and limitations; maximizes his strengths and minimizes his weaknesses. Underrated passer who knows how to feed the post. Has become a good defensive player who slides his feet, has active hands, and gets in good position. Talks and communicates on this end and does just a good of job off the ball that he does on the ball. Good rebounder for his position and he boxes out. Good upper body and core strength.

Does not possess next level speed or quickness and lacks overall athleticism. Struggles to beat his man off of the dribble and create for others by driving and kicking.

Would also like to see him be more aggressive offensively and put the ball on the floor more. Not a good finisher around the rim as he plays under the basket. Can he defend a quicker PG. Size is an issue as he is too short to play the SG at the next level and is not a pure PG at this stage yet. I believe he could develop a PG’s mindset but does he have the ball handling abilities to handle the ball under pressure and can he play in the P/R?

Transfer from Robert Morris. Is a great kid who is a team leader. Is very humble and is a hard worker. Does what he is asked and has a great attitude on and off the floor. Is one of the best shooters I have seen this year and that is an asset to many teams. Definitely has the ability to play in Europe, as he does more than just shoot the basketball. If he can continue to play well once Wake hits ACC conference play, that should raise his European and overseas stock.

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Andrew Wiggins Kansas NBA scouting report

James Blackburn is an international scout and today he shares his breakdown of Jabari Parker vs. Andrew Wiggins from an NBA scout’s perspective.

Andrew Wiggins (Kansas)
6’8”, 200 lb, G/F

Wiggins came out passive this game, but got better as the game went on. Wiggins was clearly the best athlete on the court, and is as explosive and athletic as any player in the country. Very quick jumper who also gets up and down the floor quickly- excellent in transition. He moved well with out the ball, which was nice to see. Did a good job of being assertive in the post, demanding the ball, and getting solid position. Solid rebounder on both ends- has a nose for the ball, and uses length and athleticism to grab rebounds at its highest point before anyone else can get to it.

Where Wiggins needs to improve is on the perimeter offensively. His jump shot is not good to say the least. It looks rushed and his mechanics are not very good. He is a good FT shooter however, and I would expect him to shoot around 70% from the charity stripe this season. He needs to improve his ball handling and perimeter movement overall as well. Handle is too loose and he stays too vertical on some of his drives. He seemed bothered by perimeter pressure on more then one occasion tonight. He could stand to add some weight to his frame. His movement is not fluid, and the game just doesn’t seem to come natural to him- seemed a bit uncoordinated. He has a ton of potential, but is still raw in more then one area at this point. His defense was better then average and although he got in foul trouble tonight, several of those fouls were poor calls. Overall solid performance from the young freshman who will only continue to get better and better as the year goes on. His best basketball is still ahead.

Final Stats
25 min, 9-15 FG, 0-1 3 pt, 4-6 FT, 8 reb, 4 fouls, 1 TO, 1 blk, 22 TP

Jabari Parker Duke Scouting Report NBA

Jabari Parker (Duke)
6’8”, 235, SF

Was clearly the best player on the floor tonight as he came out hot and never really slowed down. Started off 2-2 from the 3-point line and finished the game with 4 threes. Has a high release on his shot, but he dips the ball on the catch, which takes away the advantage of his high release. Although he made 4 threes last night- I would not classify him as a pure shooter. Skill wise, Parker is remarkable. A player of his size and strength who can pass, dribble, and shoot like he can does not come along every year. He showed he was capable of putting the ball on the floor and scoring at the rim going either direction. He is more athletic then given credit for and had several above the rim finishes this game. His body is ready for the physical play of the next level, but I would like to see him turn some of his baby fat into muscle. Was all over the court early getting steals, and was being active going for shot blocks and leading the break after rebounds. Good quickness and speed in the open court for size. Loves the step back 3- impressive that he has that in his arsenal at his size and age. Fluid movement and has a quick 1st step. Looked to make plays for others. His versatility and skill set are his best attributes.

Although Parker is a well rounded player, he still needs to work on a few things, mostly on the defensive end. He needs to improve as a screener, set most of them half-heartedly and did so knowing he would get the ball off the pop, not to free up the ball handler. Is a solid rebounder because of big frame, but doesn’t box out on the defensive end. Tends to gamble a little bit too much on the defensive end and was slow rotating over on the weak side. Looked passive on the defensive on the defensive end in general and was out of stance. Needs to be more disciplined throughout shot clock. I did like the fact that he was aggressive in attempting to block shots, but he ended the game with only 1 blocked shot and fouled out- needs to know when to try to block and a shot, and when not too. Took poor angles and was often late when trying to make a play. Poor lateral quickness- Can he defend the P/R at the next level?

Final Stats
33 min, 9-18 FG, 4-7 3 pt, 5-5 FT, 9 reb, 1 assist, 5 fouls, 2 TO, 1 blk, 2 steals, 27 TP

Category Wiggins Parker
Overall Offense X
Overall Defense
Athleticism X
Potential X
NBA Ready X
Ball Handling X
Passing X
Rebounding X
Shooting X

Based soley on the game last night and their matchup, I would say Parker is clearly more NBA ready at this point, but has a lower ceiling. If Wiggins can fill out a bit and improve his perimeter game, he will be the better pro in about 3-5 years. I do not think Wiggins will be an All-Star or an All-Pro player however right when he enters the NBA, its going to take him a while. It’s been brought up before about Wiggins work ethic, and some question how good it is. Hopefully, it will improve, and if it does he will eventually become an All-Pro player, but I do not believe he will is the next LeBron James or anything like that, as some people are saying. There have been plenty of super-athletic kids who have come out before and that haven’t developed. Parker will have a long career if he can stay injury free and keep his body in check. Its going to be an interesting year watching these two and the other talented freshman out there compete and play.

By James Blackburn

Game Scouted: WSSU vs Concord

Winston-Salem wins 76-73

Preston Ross, III (F, 6’5”, SR)

37 min, 6-15 FG, 2-6 3pt, 5-6 FT, 5 reb, 1 assist, 3 TO, 1 blk, 1 steal, 19 TP

Preston Ross Winston-Salem State basketball

Physical defender who bumps cutters. Closes out with high hands. Active and quick hands defensively-makes plays- got multiple deflections tonight and guards the inbounds. Made the proper defensive rotations and has good bball IQ. Looks to make contact and box out on all rebounds. Hustles and plays hard. Incredible offensive rebounder because of hustle, vertical leap, and timing. Relentless motor.
Secures rebounds strongly with 2 hands.

Excellent athlete who runs the floor well and has good hands. Quick jump. Excellent in transition, gets out quickly. Very good slasher who can finish with contact. Head hunts on screens. Strong frame. Shot has good rotation and he has solid mechanics with a nice follow through. Showed he was capable to knock down the open corner 3 off the pick and pop play- hit back to back 3’s at a critical point in this game with under 4 min to play. Has a smooth FT stroke. Team player who shares the ball and does not force shots. Is in great physical condition- played a game high 37 minutes in this contest. Good high-low passer and is an underrated passer in general- better then his assist numbers would indicate. Does a good job of sealing inside.

Struggles to change directions with the ball off the dribble. Needs to improve ball handling overall, dribbles with head down. Inconsistent shooter from 3 and needs to speed up release. What position is he on the floor? Struggled to finish around the rim tonight but hustled and was able to board most of his own misses.

Went for too many ball fakes when defending the perimeter and needs to improve lateral quickness.

Another solid performance tonight from the senior forward. Had 20 pts and 10 rebounds in his 1st game and led his team in scoring tonight in another win. Transfer from D1 Western Carolina, where he started last season. Should have a big year on a young team that needs his toughness, leadership, and competitiveness.
Needs to improve body language when things are not going his way, showed visible frustration on missed shots and fouls. Is supportive of teammates on bench and in game and listens to his coaches.

Needs to communicate more on the floor. Calls out screens but would like to see him talk more in general, but is a winner and a competitor.
Ross shouldn’t have a problem finding a role to play at the next level, either in a 2nd division European country or in another country/continent. His athleticism, strength, and rebounding ability will be highly coveted by a pro team.

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Lamont Middleton basketball

By James Blackburn

Game Scouted: NC A&T vs Fayetteville State

NC A&T wins 71-65

Lamont Middleton (G, 6’3”, SR)


37 min, 6-12 FG, 1-4 3 pt, 9-13 FT, 7 reb, 5 assist, 6 TO, 2 steals, 22 TP

Great size and strength for a PG/lead guard. Capable of hitting the contested 3. Good rotation on his shot. Keeps eyes up and scans the court when dribbling. Attacks the rim hard and isn’t afraid to play physical or of contact. Gets to the FT line at a high rate where he is better then average. Uses body to shield ball when attacking rim.  Willing to make the extra pass and is not selfish with the ball. Is patient on the offensive end and is in command and control. Throws direct/hard passes that are on target.

More of a scorer and slasher then a shooter. Loves the spin move going from right to left.

When he does turn the ball over or miss a lay-up, he never gives up on the play and fights and scraps to get it back or get the offensive board.

Slow laterally. Needs to improve overall on defense. Doesn’t put in the same effort on the defensive end as he does on the offensive end. Doesn’t bump cutters, trails his man on cuts, and doesn’t sprint back defensively. Seemed to be a step late/slow on defense this game.

While he is strong and physical, he needs to improve overall finishing ability when he attacks. Part of his finishing problems are due to him attacking the rim recklessly or out of control at times and getting caught trying to finish over more then one defender. Needs to get stronger with the ball in his hands. He had the ball stripped from him more then once and is TO prone. Lacks elite quickness and overall athleticism. Needs to improve shooting consistency from the three point line.

The Aggies looked to utilize Middleton’s size and strength on opposing PG’s by posting him up inside where he was able to establish good deep position. Leader on the court. Played both the PG and the off-guard- equally capable of either, but played more off the ball this game. Middleton will be looked on to provide scoring and leadership to a young team that has eight freshman. Got into a stare down with an opposing player at a critical stage of the game- needs to keep his head at crucial times in the game.  Is better off the ball then on the ball, not a pure PG.

Solid game from Middleton based on the box score. Will continue to receive heavy minutes as the season goes on. I believe he is better then he played tonight and should have some huge games this year.

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Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

By James Blackburn

Game Scouted: Southern Miss @ Georgia

Southern Miss Wins 62-60 in OT

Box Score

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope (G, 6’6”, SO)

37 min, 5-21 FG, 3-14 3 pt FG, 4-5 FT, 6 rebounds, 5 assist, 1 TO, 3 steals, 17 TP

Caldwell’s main strength is his ability to shoot and score the basketball. Pope shot 30% from the 3-point line last season, but has bumped that percentage up to 37% through 2 games this year (not including this game). Georgia relies on Pope heavily to score and he has been given the green light to shoot. His 21 shot attempts this game more then doubled any other teammate’s shots.

His shooting form is good, as he has a high, quick release with good elevation and he gets his feet, set and square to the rim. Combine that with solid mechanics, a soft touch, and length and he has the ability to get his shot off against anyone at the college level and should not have a problem getting shot off at next level either. He had a 4-point play to end a long scoring drought by Georgia in the 1st half. Showed the ability to take a dribble when a defender closes out too hard and shoot the pull-up 3. Does a good job of running the floor in transition and getting to his spots around the 3 point line. Knows where the gaps are vs. the zone and finds/exploits them. Good FT shooter- shot around 60% from the charity stripe last year but is shooting close to 80% from there this year so far.

Average rebounder at this point. Does a good job of not standing and crashes the offensive boards. Should continue to develop into good rebounding guard with athleticism. ). I noticed him talking several times on the floor and being a leader, which is interesting to note being only a sophomore. Has a good on-court demeanor.

Highly underrated passer who actually led the Bulldogs in assists today with 5, which is above average for a high scoring shooting guard. He had several nice entry passes to the post against the zone and moved the ball quickly and didn’t hold on to it. Once he put the ball on the floor; he is a threat to score as well as make plays for others if secondary defender helps. Georgia uses Pope to inbound the ball on baseline OB plays. Unselfish- turned down some good shots to give teammate a great shot.

Athletic and long- great frame and size for a 2. Solid on-ball defender- stays active and moves his feet well latterly. Contests shots with a high hand (Much better on-ball defender then help/secondary defender at this point Impressive ability to help out to stop the dribble drive and then quickly close out back to his own man and contest shot or prevent his man from shooting as well. Has quick feet- can slide laterally defensively and has a quick first step.

Needs to improve defense off the ball. Has a tendency to turn his back to the ball when his man cuts through. Needs to improve defensive rebounding- stood and watched several times and did not box out.

Must improve ball handling skills. At this point can’t handle ball good enough to play either guard position at next level. Against full-court pressure applied by Southern Miss, Pope did not look comfortable putting the ball on the floor for more then 2 dribbles. Also, needs to improve finishing ability- missed 2 shots with in 5 ft. in 1st half alone. With his athletic ability he needs to finish those lay-ups with dunks. I thought that he forced several shots from the perimeter, particularly at the end of the game- but overall his shot selection was solid. Even though he shot over 20 times today, he is heavily relied on to score for this Bulldogs team.

Needs to get stronger- lanky 185 right now. Adding an extra 10-15 lbs. of muscle would help him immensely on defense to get around screens and offensively by being able to finish inside.

Coming off a career high 27 points vs. Youngstown State in last game, Pope struggled with his shot this game- but you can tell the shooting ability is there. His missed shots hit the back of rim and were straight. Single handily kept Georgia in game in first half with his 3-point shooting. Watched game on TV, so I couldn’t focus on him when he was on the bench- but every time out that was shown and other times when the cameras showed him communicating with the head coach- he was engaged and focused. Poised player who didn’t seem to get rattled or upset when his shot wasn’t falling or things did not go his way. Had a nice drive and dump down pass to post player, but it got waived off because of a bad offensive foul call. Instead of complaining or showing poor body language, he jogged down to the other end to play defense. Impressive body language.

His shooting skill will definitely translate to the next level as many of his 3’s are well beyond the college arc. With his motor/length/athleticism he should be a good defender at pro level. Good teammate who encourages and directs- I loved the body language of this kid. Is a threat to score and shoot no matter where he is on the floor.

Southern Miss played a zone defense the entire game so I did not get to see him against a man defense. I have a feeling I would of seen more of his slashing and athletic ability and overall scoring ability vs. a man defense (will see man to man defense at next level anyway- but it is nice to know that he can play vs. a zone as well).

Pope is definitely NBA material and if continues to shoot the basketball like he has, against SEC competition, he could find his way into the second round in this years NBA draft. If he does not leave this year and stays at Georgia another year to continue to hone his skills, get stronger, improve handles and team defense, then I see him getting drafted late in the first round in the 2014 draft.

Shabazz Muhammad
Photo Source: Yahoo!

By James Blackburn

Game Scouted: UCLA vs. Georgetown

Georgetown wins 78-70

Box Score

Shabazz Muhammad(G, 6’6”, FR)

25 min, 5-10 FG, 2-4 3pt, 3-4 FT, 1 reb, 2 assist, 1 TO, 15 TP

Muhammad was born to score the basketball and he does so in a variety of ways. He has good scoring instincts as he showed the ability to score from beyond arc, knock down midrange pull-ups, and score in post up situations. He is not a high flyer, but is an above average athlete, more explosive then I have seen from him in the past. He tried to dunk in traffic several times and drew the foul. I like the fact he was attacking the rim hard and went in strong. Solid FT shooter when he goes to the line.

One of the areas Muhammad impressed me the most this game was his shooting. Immediately upon entering the game, he hoisted an 18’ jump shot in transition and drained it. Not a smart shot, but it went in none the less and spoke of his confidence as a player. Has a good looking left hand stroke where everything is in balance and stride. He shoots the ball in rhythm and is on balance. He gets his feet square to rim and gets good elevation and has a high release. Even his misses are good when he shoots- misses are straight and off the back of rim. Missed his first couple of threes and then got it going at near the end of the game. Made an immediate impact when he first got on the floor- scored and assisted on his first two offensive possessions.

Average on-ball defender, not as good as he was touted out to be. He did a decent job in the first half of bumping cutters and holding his ground when defending the post. He has a good combination of size and strength- won’t get pushed around on either end in college and won’t have a difficult time at the pro level. Hustles and even dived out of bounds once to save a loose ball in the first half.

Muhammad didn’t look comfortable on either end of the floor for the majority of the game and looked rusty and somewhat out of game shape. Part of this is to be expected as this was his first college game played after a 3-game suspension. His handle is below average at this point and he must improve his ability to go to his right. Loves to go left at this point went that way the first 2 times he put ball on floor. Georgetown’s defenders recognized this and started to beat him to the spot resulting in a turnover. Scouting reports at the college and pro levels will harp on his inability to go right and take advantage. Drop dribbles the ball too often- very quick to put ball on floor- happened several times in first half. Needs to do better job of finding gaps against the zone. Looked sloppy, trying to find rhythm against zone offensively- looked a little rusty from having not played in a while. Telegraphed a pass first time he touched it in second half and got it stolen. Would have liked to see him attack the zone off the bounce and not be so passive.

Shabazz looked his weakest at the defensive end of the floor. Looked completely out of his league several times on this end of the floor and looked lost. He was the last UCLA player back down the floor each time on D, especially in the second half- must hustle back harder on defense- showed he was not in game shape. Got caught out of position defending his man off the ball a couple of times. Didn’t see the ball and got caught being lazy trailing his man when he cut- Georgetown player spun and pinned him because he didn’t beat his man to spot and his man scored easy basket. Slow laterally- got beat off the bounce several times this game. Poor rebounder- collected only 1 rebound while on the floor for 25 minutes. Doesn’t really attempt to rebound outside his area. Better on-ball defender at this point then secondary defender- but must improve at both.

Didn’t start and he entered game at 14:12 mark in first half. First game back after being suspended 3 games by NCAA for recruiting violations. Started 2nd half on bench as he did in the first half.

Didn’t do a good job on the defensive end this game, but should develop into a solid overall defender with a solid frame, athleticism, and work ethic. He is not unlike other freshman however in that he is struggling early this season with his off the ball defense- out of position, getting beat to spots. Georgetown makes it especially tough because they run the Princeton offense with lots of screens and cuts and they make you defend through the entire shot clock.

Muhammad is the consensus number 1 pick in most NBA mock drafts. I do not see him getting drafted number 1 or being deserving of a number 1 pick, especially after this game. To his credit, he did still score 15 points, shooting 50% from the floor, and doing so in less then 30 minutes playing time. But he didn’t look comfortable on the defensive end and struggled to create his own shot most of the game- both are red flags at next level, where he will be asked to guard the likes of LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Rudy Gay on a nightly basis. I expect him to continue to improve as he plays more games and gets his legs back and becomes more accustomed to the college game. He will get drafted in the top 3 this year, but in a better draft he would probably fall to around 9-12 or so, at the end of the lottery. Scorers such as Muhammad come around every 1 to 2 years, even if they are the #1 HS player coming out.

His game reminds me of Harrison Barnes and I think they will have similar careers. Both players are not only good basketball players, but are good kids and hard workers. They both have similar demeanor on the court and have similar skills as well as similar question marks. He will be a good, but not great, NBA player. He will start on a below average team and put up somewhere between 13-18 ppg for his career. Those are solid numbers, not necessarily number 1 pick numbers, but good none the less. His game doesn’t remind me of OJ Mayo, but his situation does and I think he will follow a similar career path of Mayo as well. Mayo was the #1 HS player/recruit heading to USC. He also had run ins with the NCAA and was a dime a dozen scorer. He is just now coming into his own in the NBA, 5 years into his career. We will continue to monitor Muhammad this season to see if he can justify his status as the number 1 pick in this coming NBA draft. This is only one game (first one at that), and you don’t ever want to put too much weight scouting him one game (Basketball Elite staff likes to scout a player at least 3 times before making judgments about players).

By James Blackburn

Chris Czerapowicz
Photo: Davidson News
Game Scouted: Western Carolina vs. Davidson (Southern Conference Tournament Championship)
Davie wins 93-91 in Double OT
Box Score

Chris Czerapowicz (G, 6’7”, SO)


3-10 FG, 9 reb, 2 steals, 4 PF, 8 TP


Quick release on 3 point shot- gets feet and shoulders square to rim. Moves well with out the basketball- understands spacing. Great length for the guard position. Good understanding of the defensive end- does a good job on help-side, jumps to the ball, crashes the boards and pursues the ball with 2 hands, contests shots, stays down in defensive position, quick hands, understands how to play D when shot clock is running down, knows where his man and ball are, slides in front of big on weak side when teammate helps over- underrated defender- both on the ball and help side- can guard multiple positions- can switch most screens b/c he can guard any one from a 2 to a 4. Doesn’t stand on the perimeter when shot goes up- crashes the offensive boards.

Active player despite below average athleticism, speed, and quickness- he works hard on both ends to overcome his shortcomings athletically. High Basketball IQ- fundamental in all areas- especially on the defensive end- fundamentals comes from his European influence. When he does drive- he does a great job of getting low to the ground and getting shoulder lower then defender- this allows him to the rim on occasion despite low levels of quickness. Skilled in many areas. Does not make many mistakes and doesn’t force anything offensively. Showed excellent rebounding skills on both skills- attacks ball.


Slow foot speed. Does not have the ability to go by defender- did have one straight line drive lay-in in second half- but its not a strong point in game. Limited speed and athleticism- grounded. I would of liked to see him be more assertive offensively tonight- but to his credit he doesn’t force the issue and doesn’t shoot by shots- has a tendency to disappear on the offensive end- works hard- but isn’t a threat at all times- has 7 games this season where he has scored 5 points or less while getting good minutes- definitely needs more opportunities. Must expand offensive arsenal- just a set shooter this game and didn’t show ability to take man off bounce or create own offense. Needs to get stronger- was in good rebounding position several times but then got pushed or moved out of position by stronger players- was knocked to the floor on multiple occasions as well. His ability to guard multiple positions is an asset and strength in his game now, but I am uncertain in his ability to guard anyone besides a SF at the next level. Seemed to always be on weak side or opposite side where the ball was on offensive end. Foul prone.


The guard from Sweden is averaging 10 points and 4.6 rebounds a game coming into this game. Has several years experience playing in the European Championships and for Swedish Club teams. Averaged 14 pts and 7 reb in the 2011 U20 European Championships playing for team Sweden. Was quiet tonight offensively- struggled with shot- but scored 15 pts and grabbed 5 rebounds in a 13 point loss at Duke earlier this season and has 19 games where he has scored in double digits this year. Hit a big 3 and offensive rebounding in the OT period- and then hit another big shot in second OT- played well on both ends in both extra sessions.

Overall Chris is a better rebounder(looks to box out every time on defensive end) and defender then he gets credit for- definitely better then his stats would indicate. Like most players from Europe he is fundamentally sound with a nice shooting stroke, but lacks in strength, athleticism, and speed. Being only a sophomore and the fact that he plays internationally over the summers, he definitely is going to have the court time to improve. Czerapowicz is a player that NBA scouts should begin to monitor, especially the teams international scouts. A player of his length, work ethic, and skill level has a chance to find a roster spot on a team with in a couple of years- if the NBA doesn’t work out- he will be able to find a career rather easily in Europe.

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By James Blackburn

Austin Rivers
Photo Source: Bleacher Report

Game Scouted: Duke @ Wake Forest
Box Score

Duke wins 79-71

Scouting Report

Austin Rivers (G, 6’4”, FR)


5-12 FG, 0-3 3pt, 0-1 FT, 4 reb, 2 assist, 3 PF, 3 TO, 10 TP


Very quick first step- NBA ready. Showed versatility on defense tonight- matched up with Travis McKie (6’7, F) and guards in Chase Fischer, CJ Harris, and Chennault this game- smart move by Coach K- Rivers has done a great job neutralizing McKie by not allowing him to dribble drive. Plays the passing lanes well. Has a great understanding of spreading the court and court spacing- result of having Doc Rivers (NBA coach) as his dad. Very good in P/R situations with ball in hand- has ability to split double team and get to basket- has an effective floater and nice change of speed moves. Prolific scorer- can score in multiple ways and has the ability to hit tough shots over defense- very good offensive 1 on 1 player- with an array of finishing moves. Explosive going right. Tremendous ball handler- with a lightning quick crossover dribble. Great form on jump shot- struggled to a degree tonight with his shot- but has a quick release and solid form nonetheless. Confident in his game- wants the ball in his hands- makes highlights on the regular.


Needs to do a better job of making contact with McKie when he is crashing boards. Needs to improve help defense- concerned about man too much. On the several occasions when he plays at the PG spot and brings ball down court, he tries to do to much at times and forces the issue and is TO prone in that regard- still has only one thing in mind when coming off ball screens and that is SHOOT- doesn’t have a PG/pass mentality- not really a bad thing because his role on this Duke team is a scorer- but does cause him to force some shots- still must improve passing ability and vision and not have so much tunnel vision when driving to basket- one stat to back up this statement is the fact that coming into this game he has more TO’s (66) then assist (62). More explosive going right then left- went to the left side corner 90% of time so he could drive middle going right- same thing with P/R plays- the pick is always set when he is on left side of floor- so he can come off pick going to his right- had a really nice right to left crossover move and scored with lay-in, but used his right hand- not going to work as much at next level. When he did go off screen from right side of floor- going left, he wasn’t able to turn the corner as well and got bumped out. Struggles to get around/fight through screens- gets screened way too easy and is too content with switching- this goes with both on ball screens and off ball screens- not as much urgency to get back to man- comes out of stance. A little shaky from FT line- rushes it too much- shooting 65% for year- should be in 70’s.


Leads to team in points per game(15.5), minutes played, and field goals made(149). He leads all ACC Freshman in ppg, mpg, made field goals, and made FT’s. Seventh leading freshman scorer in country. Has been named ACC Rookie of the Week eight times this season- leads the conference. Entering this game averaging 15.5 ppg, 3.3 rpg, and 2.1 apg.

Played more off the ball than PG tonight- when he did bring ball up, Duke always ran him off a pick and put him in P/R situation. Clearly he is more comfortable playing the shooting guard then PG at this point in his career- will be on the short side playing the SG at NBA level- but his scoring, athleticism, and first step will transfer to pro game and its style. His game play in meant for the NBA and he will be an effective scorer at next level. His ability to guard an NBA caliber shooting guard was not seen tonight, as Wake does not have anyone that fits that profile, but he has the IQ, quick hands, and average lateral quickness to stay in front- still vulnerable to post ups by bigger guards and ability to adequately defend taller shooters b/c of size and will still have to improve lateral quickness to stay in front of NBA guards- still somewhat of a tweener being 6’4” playing the 2G- but this would not worry me much if I was an NBA GM. More of a highlight reel- and a little bit more style/flash than substance, but he plays his role well for this Duke team and that is to score. With that said he has a low FG%(44), lots of TO’s, low assists numbers, low FT%, and plays a lot of minutes. He is an explosive scorer though and he is quick and athletic- all traits that will carry him to a good NBA career.

By James Blackburn

Clemson Tigers head coach Brad Brownell yells to his team during the second half of their first round NCAA tournament basketball game against the University of Alabama-Birmingham Blazers in Dayton, Ohio March 15, 2011. REUTERS/Matt Sullivan (UNITED STATES – Tags: SPORT BASKETBALL)


Clemson Wins 78-58
Box Score

Game Recap/Thoughts

1st Half

• Clemson is establishing its post game early- going at Walker 2 straight possessions and scoring on both.
• Wake Forest is struggling to find its groove offensively early against Clemons man to man defense.
• Wake Forest is showing a 2-3 zone for the first time with 12:00 minutes left in the 1st to try to control Clemson’s dominant inside play. Clemson does not have any shooters on the floor with Tanner Smith on the bench.
• Trevor Booker just had a ferocious dunk and got a technical for slapping the backboard with 8 minutes to go in the half.
• Wake is back to man with Smith back in the ball game for Clemson. Wake is losing the loose ball war early on.
• Wake is controlling the tempo and has the lead 20-17 with 7 minutes left.
• Clemson is really struggling with fouls and FG%
• Wake cannot handle Booker on the block.
• 3 fouls in less then 10 seconds on Wake
• Devin Booker with the tip in with 2 seconds left to push the lead to six- 42-36

2nd Half

• Back to Jennings- 1st play in second half- he scores on block.
• Just like that Clemson is back up 13 on a Andre Young 3 and a Smith lay-up.
• Ty Walker injured 3 minutes into half going up for lay in.
• Wake Forest is really having a difficult time defending the long ball- I have lost count how may wide open 3’s they have given up this game- part of the reason Clemson’s lead has ballooned to 18.
• Wake is going to get back into this game with foul shots- Wake is already in the bonus with 12 minutes remaining.
• Wake Forest’s offense is in disarray with CJ Harris on the bench.
• Wake must improve defensively- with 9 minutes left in game- Clemson is shooting over 66% from the field and has made 7 three pointers, Wake has also given up 32 points in the paint.
• CJ Harris is the only player who showed up today for Wake.
• With Clemson up 20- the LJVM is dead- people are already leaving with 8 minutes left.
• CJ Harris just missed an open lay-up with 3 minutes to go- it has been that kind of day today for Wake Forest.

Scouting Reports

Wake Forest

Ty Walker (C, 7’0”, SR)
Extremely long- tries to block everything with in his area. Has a bad habit of bringing the ball down and gets it stripped or tied up frequently. Very Raw offensively- has a hard time scoring with back to basket-even when guarded 1 on 1. Must get stronger- gets bumped off lack and gets knocked out of position for rebounds and in the game in general too easy.

Nikita Mescheriakov ( F, 6’8”, R-SR)
Does a great job utilizing ball fakes. Is a decent shooter- but is still inconsistent in this area- much more effective attacking the rim. Very versatile player who can play and guard several positions. Plays below the rim. Crafty left hander. Reminds me of a thinner Boris Diaw. Tends to get out of control at times.

Chase Fischer (G, 6’3”, FR)
Excellent set shooter- gets feet set and square and plants on inside foot. Underrated passer. Must get quicker. Automatic from the stripe. Needs to be more aggressive offensively. Patient.


Tanner Smith (G, 6’5”, SR)
Good size for the off-guard position. One of the best 3 point shooters in ACC- automatic from beyond the arc with feet set- very simple stroke- doesn’t get any lift on shot- but has a quick release. Basketball savvy- had a really nice back door cut for the lay- in first half. Also showed the ability to shoot the 1 dribble pull-up when defender plays too close. Smooth- finished around rim several time with a finger role lay-in. Seems to be in the right spot at the right time to score and rebound this game. Had the ball in his hands a lot today and because of height and ability to see over the defense he can hit the open cutter and open teammates. Makes good decisions with ball in his hand- only 1 TO and 5 assists while playing over 30 minutes. Has struggle creating own shot. Lack of quickness and athleticism is going to hurt his chances of playing at next level. Solid all-around effort today to lead Clemson to the big win. Great attitude and demeanor. Should get some NBA workouts because of size and shooting ability- but he is more then likely going to wind up overseas to play professionally- with a chance to return the states to play in the D-League.

Milton Jennings (F, 6’9”, JR)
Nice Touch around basket. Soft touch shooting FT’s too- calm and collected on line- good arc and rotation. Solid back to basket post game. Can stretch defense with the ability to shoot the 3. Good body control and balance around basket. Had no problem finishing around the basket today.

Devin Booker (F/C, 6’8”, JR)
Physical player who uses his strength to his advantage. Has an effective right hook shot. Foul prone because of his defensive aggressiveness. Good shot blocker. With his size, strength, athleticism, and skill set- he should be doing more stat wise- he tends to disappear for stretches. Good rebounder. Undersized at center position- but makes up for it with strength- needs to extend range and show the ability to defend on the perimeter to improve chances of playing in the NBA after next season. Scouts are going to monitor how well he can make the transition to the PF position his senior year.