Analyst: Tom Izzo Lost Recruits Because He Wouldn’t Cheat

Tom Izzo

A new rant has lowered a bomb on the college basketball world, stating that Tom Izzo, the head coach at Michigan State, because he wouldn’t cheat:

Fran Fraschilla, an ESPN analyst and a head coach in 1992-2002 at Manhattan, St. John’s and New Mexico, was co-hosting “College Sports Today” on SiriusXM radio Monday when a caller suggested that Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim is being treated unfairly by the NCAA. Boeheim will be suspended for nine games next season, and Syracuse has to vacate 108 wins, based on recent NCAA findings of academic misconduct, improper benefits and other violations dating to 2001.

As a scout, I am aware that colleges do cheat to get players. Every year there is some noise or rumor – a credible rumor at that – about a specific player. What Franchilla is referring to, most likely, is Cliff Alexander, a player who ultimately ended up at Kansas, and is now linked to a financial firm that loans money to potential pro players. Although that is speculation, that surreptitiously points a finger at the Jayhawks. This is all spilling out after the penalties lowered on Syracuse by the NCAA.