By James Blackburn

Four McGlynn
Photo Source: USA Today

Game Scouted: Lamar vs. Vermont (NCAA Tournament: First Four)
Vermont wins 71-59
Box Score

Four McGlynn (G, 6’2”, FR)

5-9 FG, 3-5 3pt, 5-6 FT, 3 reb, 27 min, 18 TP

Quick feet- on both ends of the floor- showed the ability to stay in front of dribble drive and slide feet quickly- always on his toes ready to move-active. Quick release- excellent shooter with unlimited range- gets feet set with shoulders square- good follow through and good elevation on jump shot- can not leave open (in second part of 1st half- Lamar defended him by having his defender not helping). One of the few players on team with ability to create own shot. Can shoot coming off screens either direction- prefers to come off screens when shooting. Has a scores mentality- provides an instant spark coming off the bench- shot the ball 3 times in his first 2 minutes off the bench and made 2 of the shots. Moves well with out ball and does a good job running by off-ball screens and reading how defense plays it and either curls or fades off screen. Understands help side defense. Underrated quick first step- known primarily as shooter but was able to get into the paint several times and get by defense- has an effective floater when getting into paint. Good on-court demeanor and body language. Has a good overall understanding of the game especially for a freshman- court spacing, patience, smart passing ability, defensive positioning, etc. Calm on line- automatic. Goes ball side on off-ball screens defensively. Underrated passer- better then assists per game average shows. Protects the ball- 0 TO’s this game.

Size and athleticism hurts him. Plays primarily off the ball and is effective doing so by being a scorer- must improve play making ability- has one thing on his mind and that is to shoot and score the ball. But at his size and with playing below the rim, he is going to need to make the transition to the PG position, if he has any aspirations to play at the next level. Needs to improve ball handling to be able to bring ball up the court with pressure defense- improve left hand- never advanced the ball down court one time this game.

Leads team in scoring with 12 ppg and FT% (89%) while coming off the bench. Helped the Vermont team to win 23 games and the American East Tournament Championship to earn an NCAA bid. McGlynn was voted the Rookie of the Year award in the American East Conference. Leads all freshman in D1 with FT%.

Even though he is 2G now, I can see him making the transition to the PG. To play in the NBA, he is going to have to become a PG, as he doesn’t have the size or athleticism to defend a shooting guard at the next level. He is definitively capable- his quickness, basketball IQ, passing ability, and protecting the ball will help make the transition easier. He is not a bad ball handler, but will need to continue to improve in this area. The main thing that he is going to have to do is to change his mentality from a scorer to a playmaker. He needs to be able to break man down off dribble and find open man after dribble penetration. If he can make the transition to the PG or even become a combo guard and continue to score the basketball, I can see him playing professionally some where. NBA teams should begin to monitor his progress, as he will most likely be a 4-year guy- truly a diamond in the rough and has a lot of time to continue to improve being a freshman. Will have a chance to play at the big stage as Vermont will now advance to play UNC on Friday in Greensboro, NC. It will be interesting to see how he performs against a taller Reggie Bullock and defends him and Kendall Marshall.

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