By James Blackburn

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Wake Forest wins 58-55
Box Score

CJ Harris hit go ahead 3 to win the game for Wake.

Scouting Reports

Virginia Tech

Dorenzo Hudson (G, 6’5”, R-SR)


Great size- NBA ready body. Good shooting form- good follow through- but struggled with his shot today. Showed a NBA ready 1 dribble pull-up. Fills his lane well on the break- can finish above rim in transition.


Fades a bit on his jump shot. Settled for jumpers instead of attacking at beginning of game. Was out of position several times defensively today. Must improve ball handling- get his dribble tighter.


Really struggled with his shot and with his offensive game in general today. Is second on team in scoring with 11.8 ppg. Was quiet and was out of sync offensively most of this game. Has an NBA ready body to play the 2G and is athletic enough and strong enough to play the 3, but does not have the overall skill set needed to play at the next level. May receive a couple of workout invitations, but is most likely to end up overseas for rest of his playing career.

Erick Green (G, 6’3”, JR)


Smooth. Versatile scorer. Excellent in transition- good passer- keeps eyes up- looks to attack and score in fast break situations. Good defender. Great pull- up shooter- everything is in sync- shoulders square, footwork, follow through, shooting motion, elevation. Utilizes ball fakes. Has a nice floater. Solid player all around. Good size for PG position.


Needs to improve body language to a degree- is too easy to tell when things are going well or poorly with him. Gets out of control at times and turns it over or tries to do too much.


Very solid performance from the junior from Virginia today. Hit shots when it counted at the end in crunch time when his team needed a bucket. Carried his team through out game and kept team in game. Is first on the team in points (15.8) and assist (3.2). Has an opportunity to make the NBA if he keeps working. At this point I would say he is deserving of workouts and possibly a summer league roster spot, but it would be in his best interest to test the waters and return to school for his senior year to continue to polish up his PG skills. Although he is a good passer, I would say he is more of a combo guard than a PG at this point- needs to continue to improve play making skills to get to NBA level.

Wake Forest

Tony Chennault (G, 6’2”, SO)


Very quick- has the ability to break man down off dribble and get to rim. Aggressive and loves to attack rim. Does a good job of turning the corner on P/R. Fast coast to coast with ball in hands- good in transition when he stays under control. Strong upper body. Strong, hard worker. Creative finishing moves around basket. Good rebounder for size. Fearless and a competitor.


Gets too much in a hurry at times- needs to slow down, get under control. Over penetrates as an undersized guard at times and gets caught/ gets in trouble. TO prone. Needs to improve shooting consistency. Must improve play making skills as a PG.


Up and down game for Chennault today. Was injured most of last season with broken foot. Fully healthy this season and has started every game. Lightning quick- more of a scoring guard than a true PG. Hit a big 3 with 3 and half minutes left and his team was struggling to find offense. Will continue to monitor his game, but at this point I would not consider him an NBA prospect, but definitely has the speed to that would carry to next level.

Ty Walker (C, 7’0”, SR)


Good shot blocker- very active- excellent second jump. Plays above the rim- very athletic. Influences and blocks shots- protects the paint. Good FT shooter. Nice shooting touch for 7 footer. Runs the floor well.


Raw offensively. Must develop a back to the basket game and a go-to move. Must get stronger and finish with contact. Rebounding is an area where he could improve on.


Missed 9 games at beginning of season because of school issued suspension. Very raw and has potential. A senior that has yet to really improve his overall game since coming on campus- still has raw offensive game and with his athletic ability you find yourself just wanting more production from him. May receive some invites from NBA teams for some workouts because of size, athleticism, and ability to run the floor, but I don’t see his NBA experience going much further than that.

JaQuel Richmond
Photo Source: NY2LA

JaQuel Richmond (PG, 6’1″, 2014) worked his way into the recruiting lexicon this summer as he started to get noticed – and recruited – by some pretty big name schools. JaQuel plays alongside some very talented AAU teammates on the CP3 All-Stars, and he proved he is an elite guard at the CP3 elite skills camp this year. JaQuel’s calling card is his quickness and ability to get to the bucket, and he has a knack of creating a mid range shot for himself seemingly at will.

We caught up with JaQuel on his latest offers, what he’s working on right now and few other things in today’s edition of 7 questions.

1. The first question is always about your current college options. Which schools have offered, and which schools are you currently considering/talking to?

Charlotte (UNCC), Virginia, Virginia Tech, Oklahoma State, Wake Forest and Georgetown have offered me so far.

2. Over the summer you got the opportunity to attend some of the biggest camps and events, such as the Chris Paul elite guard camp. What are your thoughts on how your summer went, from the events to playing against top competition?

I honestly would have to say my summer went good, I played against top guards that were in my class at the Peach Jam and in Florida Showcase/Nationals. Playing against those top guards and top players shows others that you can handle that type of pressure during the game and at crunch time, but knowing myself I love to be on the stage and all eyes are on you.

3. What do you think are the strongest parts of your game right now?

The strongest parts of my game right now [are] getting to the basket at any time and attacking that mid-range at all times.

4. What parts of your game are you currently working on?

I am constantly working on my 3 ball because most coaches know that I can get to the cup so they want to see if I can also shoot that 3 ball. So most of my workout I’m constantly putting up shots, at least 600 shots.

5. Do you have a player (at any level, college or pro) that you admire?

I would have to say I admire Kyrie Irvin because we both have that killer instict during the entire game and we can get to the basket with no problem.

6. Do you have any visits planned, or have you already taken any?

October 8th I’m going to Virginia Tech.
October 14th I’m going to Duke Midnight Madness.

JaQuel Richmond basketball
Photo Source: Naples News

7. If you could tell people one thing about you that you wish they knew, what would it be?

That I would never be cocky and that I’m always humble.